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Microsoft Teams Governance & Lifecycle Management with Orchestry2022-07-02T16:38:02+01:00

Microsoft Teams Governance, Lifecycle Management, Provisioning, Directory & Archiving

Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, engaging templates, controlled auto-provisioning, and empowering self-service to drive usage and adoption success in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

We decided to partner with Orchestry as our platform of choice for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams governance, adoption, provisioning, and enablement.

More than just a standard templating and governance tool for Microsoft Teams, Orchestry’s comprehensive platform will enable Intelogy to support clients with governance in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft OneNote as well as other Microsoft 365 business applications through a single, unified interface.

In partnership, Intelogy and Orchestry help organisations drive enablement, adoption and standardisation while helping integrity and governance of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Orchestry partner - Microsoft Teams Health check

Key Features of Orchestry

Orchestry - Microsoft Teams Governance Tool
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Orchestry makes work simple across Microsoft 365 providing transparent SharePoint & Microsoft Teams governance and self-service provisioning to drive usage and adoption all the way through to end users through simplifying the interface and providing a beautiful user experience. Get in touch to book your free full-access Orchestry trial.

Microsoft Teams Environment Report - Microsoft Teams Health Check

London & Partners uses Orchestry – Case Study

Intelogy is an offcial Orchestry Partner in the UK. Our team of consultants carried out investigative exercises on their Microsoft 365 tenant with Orchestry to understand the current health status of the SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams usage across the organisation.

The results were presented to London & Partners to drive a new approach to the management of their Microsoft Teams environment with increased visibility and governance, as well as a more efficient management model.

How to overcome the biggest obstacles with Microsoft Teams Governance and Retention

There are various challenges that await you when it comes to managing your Microsoft Teams environment and the data within it.

Microsoft Teams Governance is a key player in the overall success of the platform, making it crucial that organisations apply policies and practices in the most efficient way possible.

This webinar introduces you to the key aspects you need to know, and provides an introduction to how you can make Microsoft Teams governance and information management easier.

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