We can help you realise the potential of your investment in the Microsoft Cloud.

We work with clients who recognise the potential for technology to transform their businesses, and help them visualise, define and realise solutions that change how they work for the better. At Intelogy we use technology to enhance the way you work.

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Intelogy are a long established proven Microsoft partner, with considerable experience of delivering Microsoft solutions across multiple vertical sectors such as Oil and Gas, Government, Manufacturing, Finance and Healthcare. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with all our clients and partners. Intelogy prides itself in providing open and honest advice to customers, based on many years’ experience both in the private and public sector.

As a Microsoft Solution Partner that holds an advanced specialisation for adoption and change management we invest heavily both in staff training and accreditations to ensure the customer experience of using our services, is of the very highest standards and as broad as possible to reduce the number of suppliers required for a Microsoft 365 digital transformation project.

We offer complete project lifecycle services: roadmap consultancy, licensing, transformative implementations including custom development, if required, change management & adoption services; and business-as-usual support.

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Modern Work Designation + Adoption and Change Management - Microsoft Partnership
Digital App and Innovation Accreditation - Microsoft Solution Partner - Intelogy
Security - Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Designation - Microsoft Partnership - Intelogy

Microsoft Solution Partner for Modern Work

As a Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Microsoft recognises our broad capability to help customers boost their productivity and make the shift to hybrid work using Microsoft 365.

Additionally, the Adoption and Change Management specialisation confirms our extensive experience and proven success in providing adoption and change management services while driving Microsoft 365 usage and organisational change.

Microsoft Solution Partner for Digital & App Innovation

As a Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation, Microsoft recognises our broad capability to help customers modernise existing applications and build cloud-native apps.

Microsoft Solution Partner for Security

As a Solutions Partner for Security, Microsoft recognises our broad capability to help customers safeguard their entire organization with integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions

Over 25 years of experience

Content AI Partner Program Charter Member

Content AI Partner Program Charter Member

Intelogy has been selected by Microsoft as a Charter Member within the Content AI Partner Program. This puts Intelogy into an exclusive group that has been recognised by Microsoft for the quality of its technical delivery and knowledge and insight in this area.

Charter partners are being recognised for their proven success in high-impact scenarios helping customers from planning and advisory through the deployment and implementation of advanced content management solutions, including Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint Premium, OneDrive, Purview and more – such as Microsoft 365 Backup, and Microsoft 365 Archive.

Microsoft Pledge

Intelogy can proudly boast that they are part of Microsoft’s Pledge, alongside its partners, to take accountability in resolving a skills crisis that the UK is facing. Microsoft has brought to light the fact that the diversity, and sheer number of technical experts entering the technological space are simply too slight. They have a shared vision that this sector shall be represented by a wider variety of individuals, embodied with a culture that embraces consistent growth and learning. These aims and priorities are broken down into 3 areas in the Partner Pledge. When taking this pledge, Intelogy agreed upon an ethical commitment to our future, both in terms of our daily proceedings, recruitment policies and values, enabling a hope that a sustainable future for those ahead of us lies in wait. We can proudly say we strive to live by these commitments both on an objective and aims level.

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Meet the team

We employ some of the best people in the industry which allows our customers to gain from their wealth of experience, whilst seeing them as an extension to their own team. The education, calibre and enthusiasm of our people, together with our experience across a range of industries, allows us to understand complex business problems and provide high quality, cost effective solutions. We deliver outstanding software solutions, consultancy and support services to improve communication, decision making and collaboration.


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