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Full transparency

We interrogate a brief thoroughly, ask the right questions and utilise our technical expertise. This enables us to recommend a tailored solution that raises the bar for best practice.

We believe that a project should be managed in a way that is easily monitored, clearly communicated and that scope, timing and quality are controlled. This ensures full transparency and no surprises in functionality or cost.

What is important?

Our approach to project delivery is predictable, repeatable and successful. Using selected practices from formal methodologies such as PMI and Microsoft MSF, we offer flexibility to suit the wide range of information and technology projects our clients ask for.

  • A shared vision

  • A transparent approach

  • Commitment to quality

  • Open communications

  • Adapting to change


We base our development around familiar stages that can be executed in a single waterfall sequence or as iterations of an agile approach.

How it works

  • Clearly defines and controls project scope

  • Maintains regular, repeated interaction with project teams

  • Ensures that project stakeholders are engaged at the right time

  • Adapts to change

  • Focuses on quality

Why it works

  • It is a disciplined approach to technology projects

  • Provides excellent integration with industry project management standards

  • It is based on a defined set of principles, disciplines and guidelines

  • It can be tailored around the drive for early value (agile) or more formal controls (waterfall)

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