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Intelogy is recruiting, that’s evident from our blog posts and Tweets. We’ve been running a campaign to recruit recent graduates who are interested in a career in IT (though this doesn’t automatically mean we’re only looking for IT graduates).  One of the questions we are asked most frequently by young people who come in for an interview is “What’s the Intelogy office culture like?”. This is an important consideration for someone about to take their first step into a new career. Equally important is the next most frequent question: “What do you do about lunch?”

Defining an office culture is not easy. Many of us bear the scars of our re-branding exercise in 2013 out of which our Intelogy identity was born. We picked the business apart to reveal the core of what we are as a company and what we want to deliver for our clients and ourselves.  More recently we worked on fine tuning our Brand Voice; there were moments among all the Post-Its when we felt like we were in a script meeting for the BBC’s spoof comedy W1A. But let’s make this fun and stick with the TV thread. Imagine we’re on a Channel 5 panel show. Imagine Intelogy is an animal. Imagine a cheetah – fast and agile, efficient and intelligent, an expert in its natural environment, a rare thing of real wonder.  Now imagine a labrador – friendly and welcoming, loyal and hard-working,  absolutely trustworthy. Intelogy is a combination of both of these animals and one of the things they have in common is they both enjoy a really good lunch.

That question about lunch is almost certainly prompted by the fact that we’re happily settled in an office park in Sunbury on Thames, but we are not blessed with shops, cafes or restaurants. It’s easy to imagine how we might go hungry – don’t worry, we don’t! We love lunch and we’ve invested in a fabulous kitchen space where we can relax, eat and socialise during the day. It’s amazing what a great lunch you can achieve with the creative use of 2 microwaves, a toaster and a panini press!


We deliver excellence in everything we do. We work as a team for the benefit of all. We adopt discerning, smart methodologies. We are clear and transparent in all communications. We always look to raise the bar with new solutions. We believe a work-life balance brings out the best in people.

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Published On: February 4th, 2019 Categories: What's New?

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