How to capture and analyse customer/employee feedback using Microsoft Forms and Power BI – FREE guide

With Microsoft Forms, you can quickly and easily collect customer or employee feedback or satisfaction ratings. In this guide, we will be showing you how to get started on your first survey, how to set up automatic flows depending on the nature of your survey and explain how you can capture this data within Power BI to generate dynamic and visually appealing reports that are easy to read. We will be using a SharePoint list to store all of the Microsoft Form data.

There is an option to view the results of your survey within Microsoft Forms, however this data is static and can’t be manipulated. Power BI offers a lot more options for data visualisation. Power BI is also available now in Microsoft Teams, which means that you can pull your reports straight into this app and refresh them when you start your working day.

If you have access to a Power BI Premium licence you can even create scorecards and set up manual goals for your data and track the daily status with Power BI Goals. (Video:Power BI Goals Demo – How to set up manual and connected goals in Power BI Goals scorecards)

Let’s get started on your survey.

  1. Go to and click New Form. This will open a new tab with the new form. Add a title and a description for your form.
  2. Add your own questions to the survey by selecting a question format (e.g. Choice, Text, Rating, etc.) and clicking on the +. Alternatively, you can use the suggested questions by pressing the ideas icon next to the Add new button. To view how the form is going to look from a user perspective press the Preview button.
  3. Press the Share button if you want to share your form with someone. Here you can also see who has access to it. Choose ‘Anyone can respond’ in the dropdown menu and copy the link below to send the form to your customers. Now that the form is finished, you can create a SharePoint list in a SharePoint site.
  4. Go to your Intranet and pick a site. Click on +New and select List in the dropdown menu. Then choose Blank list and add a name for your list. Create a Single line of text column for each question in your form. In the list you will see Title as default in the first Column. You can remove this from the view by clicking on All Items and selecting Edit current view. From here you can untick Title

Download the FREE guide below for the next steps. This guide has been carefully prepared with detailed steps and supporting images.

Get in touch with our team if you have more complex requirements. We are more than happy to assist.

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