How to build a Power Automate Flow to automatically send an email when a message is added to a Microsoft Teams Channel – 10 steps

Business scenario: Within the Microsoft Teams environment, you will have multiple Teams, and within each Team, you can have several Channels. For example, you might have a Team for each department and then several Channels for individual projects. It can be difficult to keep track of conversations across all these channels and you might miss new messages. Microsoft Teams will automatically notify you when you have been @-tagged in a message but if a message is added without you being tagged, the only indication is that the Channel name will be displayed as bold text, which can easily be missed. Follow the 10 easy steps described in this guide to set up a Microsoft Teams Channel notification through email for specific channels.

Microsoft Teams Channel notification

10 steps to build a Power Automate Flow to receive a Microsoft Teams Channel notification.

  1. Navigate to and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. From the left navigation, select Create.
  3. Select Automated cloud flow.
  4. Give your flow a name and select your trigger: ‘When a new channel message is added’.

Download the FREE guide below for the next steps. This guide has been carefully prepared with detailed steps and supporting images.

Guide: How to build a Flow to automatically send an email when a message is added to a Microsoft Teams Channel

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