How we have embraced the Modern Workplace

As we approach week 9 of lockdown, lets pause and reflect on the way our working lives have changed, the challenges we have faced and the skills we have learnt during a difficult time for all.

At the start of lockdown many office-based businesses wrestled with their IT and cultural challenges of transitioning their employees from office-based work to home based activity. Lots of businesses already had a “work from home” policy or culture, but suddenly it was different. Many businesses faced a scenario where all their employees were required to work completely remotely, without a rehearsal. For those workers who were not used to the distance that homeworking presents it was a culture shock. New distractions, personal anxieties and an unfamiliar routine meant a stressful period of settling in, while still meeting targets and objectives.

After a couple of weeks most people had settled into a new rhythm of work, their “new normal”  until such time,  somewhere in the future,  as they would be introduced  back into a revised office culture. Our reliance on technology became greater than ever with the need to “reach out” to colleagues to fill the void left by previous informal and formal office catch-ups. Those businesses who had already made the jump to cloud hosted services found it easier than those reliant on on-premise servers. We have taken to video conferencing like never before, a “sink or swim” approach to office and customer communication. We learnt quickly to adapt to engaging with clients and colleagues in a new way to get the job done.

It’s likely that most employees didn’t question this new technology when it was introduced. However the investment made in Modern Workplace technologies and methods has enabled companies to quickly adapt to this new way of working. The great benefit that has been experienced is an ability to be agile in meeting customer demands, despite having a dispersed team often in different time zones.

At Intelogy, we have seen a significant demand from companies wishing to take advantage of Modern Workplace, to allow their employees to work safely, securely and productively in their own homes. We have seen the rise in collaboration tools like SharePoint (intranets/extranets), Yammer, and Teams, which are being deployed at scale to cope with the new and unprecedented demand.

As an organisation we have over 20 years experience in supporting customers with their IT projects, and now has never been a better time to engage with our experts to assist you through these difficult times. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you ensure quality of service to your customers, whilst at the same time supporting your employees, please get in touch.

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Matt Daws
Business Development Consultant with over 20 years experience in technology, with a passion and desire for customer success. Over this period I have worked with many hundreds of customers in delivering business benefit underpinned by Microsoft technologies and expert consulting services.
Published On: June 4th, 2020 Categories: What's New?

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