Incoming: new Microsoft 365 security and compliance offerings

Microsoft has just announced two new packages for helping to ensure that your end-to-end Microsoft 365 experience is both secured and compliant. These new offerings take functionality that’s currently only available within the E5 licence and make it available to organisations using alternative licences. The result is that some of Microsoft 365’s most advanced protection capabilities are now available at a reduced cost.

The two new offerings that will be available to purchase this February are:

  • Information Protection & Compliance – allowing organisations to harness Office 365’s Advanced Compliance and Azure Information Protection (AIP) capabilities, this offering helps organisations by using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically classify and apply protection and retention to content. This takes the onus away from staff needing to manually classify content, reducing the effort required for an organisation to be regulatory compliant.
  • Identity & Threat Protection – designed to help secure your content, this offering combines the following three functions:
    • Azure Active Directory, for centralised identity management
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security, for managing your shadow IT
    • Microsoft Threat Protection, a collection of services which work in tandem to secure your entire modern workplace

Intelogy are leaders in providing both Security and Compliance across Microsoft 365. Recognised by Microsoft as being ‘preferred’ providers of Content Services, Intelogy are perfectly placed to help you with your Office 365 governance. Get in touch to find out how we can help protect your organisation

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Rob Bath
Having defined extensive Microsoft 365 EDRM systems and bespoke enterprise intranets, I specialise in overseeing cutting edge solutions that are tailored to meet customer needs. Providing leading expertise within the Information Management field, I enjoy helping organisations on their journey towards compliance.
Published On: January 16th, 2019 Categories: Knowledge & Information Management

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