Intelogy announced as a SharePoint Business Applications Charter Partner

Intelogy is proud to be announced as a Charter Partner for the SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program.

Microsoft’s Charter Members are a select group of Microsoft partners who have committed to helping our customers take advantage of Microsoft 365 technologies to improve their business processes.

Most, if not all organizations today have a need to simplify or even automate everyday tasks. Whether it’s a building check-in sheet, room reservation request, or a customer signature form – businesses around the globe are inundated with processes, small and large, that could easily be automated and simplified.

A select group of partners have completed the requirements to be recognised as charter members of the program, along with the designation “Microsoft Preferred”. Microsoft greatly appreciates Intelogy’s partnership.

Microsoft recognises Intelogy for its success in creating and supporting business applications in Microsoft 365 using SharePoint lists, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Forms, Power BI and more.

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Margarita Redknap
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Published On: January 25th, 2019 Categories: Business Applications & Insights, What's New?

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