Intelogy attends IRMS Scotland Group’s summer event as a key speaker

Robert Bath, Intelogy’s Information Management & Compliance practice lead, was proud to be one of the four speakers at this year’s IRMS Scotland Group’s Summer Event, which took place on Tuesday 24th July 2018. In total, the event had 39 information management specialists in attendance from across Scotland.

Robert’s presentation consisted of information on Office 365’s new Data Governance and Advanced Data Governance features. Essentially, this was to introduce and demonstrate some of the advantages and disadvantages of the new Labels, Label Policies and Retention that can be found in Office 365’s Security & Compliance Centre.

Robert gave the audience a thorough background on the history of records management within SharePoint and Office 365 – how data has gone from uncontrolled to fully compliant – then spoke about how to best plan for rolling out services within Office 365, before introducing the new Data Governance labels, and undertaking a live demonstration of how these features could be used.

It was also explained how both the Home Office and Defra had extended these features to overcome some of their native limitations – essentially introducing a new model for making Office 365 into a complete Electronic Documents and Records Management system (EDRM).

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Published On: August 8th, 2018 Categories: Knowledge & Information Management, What's New?

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