Our Information Management & Compliance lead Robert Bath presented on Friday 7th December at the Westminster Archives, London, to members of the Information and Records Management Society’s (IRMS) Public Sector to share guidance about Microsoft 365’s Data Governance features.

Data Governance is Microsoft’s relatively new approach for classifying, and governing content within Office 365. At their core, Data Governance provides organisations with the ability to apply Labels, to manage the Retention of content within their Office 365 tenancy. Intelogy explored the benefits of these features and introduced a practical model for applying these features within the UK Public Sector.

Bath is confident that organisations across the Public Sector can benefit from making use of our approach: “Our model extends Microsoft’s Data Governance, though managing the process of provisioning new workspaces within Office 365. We recommend ensuring that containers are labelled at the point they are first created, helping to reduce ongoing costs, effort and inconsistency associated with manual creation and classification of working areas”.

Don’t worry if you missed out on Friday’s session, Bath will be providing a similar thoughts when he presents at the IRMS Conference in Wales next May: https://irmsconference.org.uk/

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Rob Bath
Having defined extensive Microsoft 365 EDRM systems and bespoke enterprise intranets, I specialise in overseeing cutting edge solutions that are tailored to meet customer needs. Providing leading expertise within the Information Management field, I enjoy helping organisations on their journey towards compliance.
Published On: December 10th, 2018 Categories: Knowledge & Information Management, What's New?

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