Intelogy to speak at SharePoint Saturday, London

Intelogy’s Information Management & Compliance Practice Lead, Robert Bath, is delighted to be selected as a speaker for SharePoint Saturday. 

SharePoint Saturday joins the world’s premier experts in Office 365, SharePoint and Azure for a day of learning and networking. 

Having defined extensive Office 365 EDRM (electronic documents and records management) systems and bespoke enterprise intranets, Robert specialises in overseeing cutting edge solutions that are tailored to meet customer needs. Providing leading expertise within the Information Management field, he enjoys helping organisations on their journey towards compliance. Working as Intelogy’s Information Management & Compliance Practice Lead, Robert is proud to have helped the company become nominated by Microsoft as one of select number of Content Service 2019 Charter Partners globally. 

Robert will be discussing real world retention in Office 365 at the SharePoint Saturday London event, taking place on Saturday 1st June 2019. His presentation will provide a background to trends in records management, showing how there’s been clear move away from disconnected proprietary software towards undertaking both content storage and retention/disposal in a single application. This background will describe the trend to move away from legacy (and often failed) EDRM solutions, through 3rd party SharePoint extension toolsets and into unified applications within Office 365. 

The presentation will also introduce some of the typical challenges a Records Manager might look to resolve when they are looking to apply governance within Office 365, namely: 

  • Balancing governance with usability and adoption 
  • Ensuring consistency across different business units 
  • Working with File Plans 
  • Achieving content classification accuracy and ensuring correct retention durations are applied 
  • Proving disposal and archival 

Rob will explore the breadth of compliance capabilities within Office 365, including legacy approaches such as Record Centers, though to modern functionality provided within the Security & Compliance CenterHe will then demonstrate the use of retention labels within Office 365, explaining both the high-level concepts and how they work out of the box.  

The session will then present a high-level architecture that can meet many typical Record Management needs – this model ensures consistent classification, while minimising ongoing effort, by applying site and library provisioning with the automation of default retention labels. 

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Published On: May 14th, 2019 Categories: Knowledge & Information Management

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