Intelogy’s position on the coronavirus 

Following the recent UK Government advice and having conducted a successful all-company trial last week, Intelogy’s staff are now working remotely in a secure and productive manner.

Our policies have now changed so that we will not be conducting any on-site work unless absolutely necessary. As is the case for most of our customers, this is currently the default way of working, but with the modern workplace tools, such as Microsoft Teams, this should be a relatively seamless experience for all our consultancy, project and support staff when engaging with each other and our customers.

So, from our perspective, it is business as normal in these unprecedented circumstances and we are available to support your organisations with similar workplace challenges over the forthcoming few weeks/months. Please don’t feel you need to postpone or cancel initiatives because of the way we all now need to work. We have proven many times before that we can and will make a success of implementing tools and solutions remotely as well as help your end users adopt them.

If you need help setting up cloud based collaboration tools for a modern workplace please don’t hesitate to contact us. Microsoft have introduced a generous offer to all businesses around Teams and we are here to help you implement it efficiently and securely.

Good luck with your own professional challenges and keep well!

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Andrew Tomlins
As the leader of our commercial team, I implement the commercial and business development strategy for Intelogy. With over 14 years’ experience in pre-sales consultancy, project delivery and key account management, I enjoy tackling complex business challenges and helping our customers implement the most appropriate solutions.
Published On: March 18th, 2020 Categories: What's New?

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