How optimal is your Information Governance practice – Check it now [Microsoft 365 Maturity Model]

What does ‘good’ Information Governance look like? What are the Knowledge & Information Management best practices? Would you like to check where you stand on meeting the governance needs within your organisation? We are delighted to share THE Information Governance Health Check aka the Microsoft 365 Maturity Model.

The Microsoft 365 Maturity Model will help you self-assess the effectiveness of your information governance approaches.

You can access the model through the link below the last section of the blog.

What is the Microsoft 365 Maturity Model?

The Microsoft 365 Maturity Model is an Information Governance Health Check / Assessment based on a series of questions to evaluate how your organisation has chosen to govern and use Microsoft 365. This framework offers multiple technical approaches per question and rates each approach from “inadequate” to “adequate” to “optimal” in terms of information governance practise.

The Microsoft 365 Maturity Model has been developed to help organisations to self-evaluate how adequate their information management and records management approach within their Microsoft 365 tenant is, and ultimately, this framework will help organisations to improve and optimise their Information Governance practices and strategy.

How does the Microsoft 365 Maturity Model work and how was it developed?

This Information Governance Health Check has been developed by and for Information Governance Experts. Here is how the Model was developed:

The National Archives (TNA) was driven to create a self-assessment framework for their Information Management Assessment programme focussing on the use of Microsoft 365, so they decided to reach out to Intelogy’s Knowledge & Information Management Practice Lead and current IRMS (Information & Records Management Society) Digital Director, Rob Bath, to define the questions and technical approaches to underpin the Model.

Through a benchmarking exercise, those questions and technical approaches were graded [inadequate, adequate, or optimal] by industry experts and members of the Government Knowledge Information Management M365 User Group. This exercise allowed the UK Public Sector Information Governance Community to collectively determine best practices and establish what ‘good’ looks like. It is important to state that this model isn’t biased by the opinion of a single expert, but is based on collective legitimacy, which is also why this model is a free resource, available to everyone.

The Microsoft 365 Maturity Model has also been aligned to the Code of Practice on the Management of Records issued under section 46 the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Upcoming event

Balint Csollei and Robert Bath will be hosting a presentation at the IRMS Conference in May this year to officially announce the Model and discuss the benchmarking exercise and the results. The IRMS Conference is sold out, but make sure to sign up for our updates below to stay posted on upcoming presentations.

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