Office 365 – It’s more than you think

For many people, when they hear Office 365, they think of the usual Microsoft programmes – Excel; Word; PowerPoint; Outlook – but there’s a lot more to Office 365 waiting to be discovered.

If the above would be your definition of Office 365, then you’re partly correct – these applications are office essentials, and a workplace would be almost inoperable without them – but there are numerous ways to collaborate and streamline your workflow with additional Office 365 applications.

Microsoft Outlook is the most familiar choice of communication, however with Office 365 also comes Microsoft Teams and Yammer. These platforms cater to diverse needs – with Microsoft Teams, the app that showcases ‘teamwork’, you can communicate in multiple ways – hold online meetings; integrate apps from Microsoft and third-party platforms and even pair Teams with your phone system. Meanwhile, Yammer provides a place to improve company culture, giving colleagues a means to engage in a less formal approach. With Microsoft Stream you can also publish videos on these platforms, so you can create even more compelling communications and share more information.

With all that company communication, there’s bound to be some planning needed, and that’s where Microsoft Planner comes in. Microsoft Planner allows you to assign tasks to your team and track status of each task ahead of deadlines. You can even attach files to each task and get notified on the go with Microsoft Planner’s multi-device functionality.

The clue is in the name when it comes to OneNote. Organise all your content across all your devices. Not only can you store your ideas, but you can also share them with your co-workers, allowing for even more collaboration. It’s not just text that classifies as ‘notes’ – with OneNote you can also record audio notes, insert online videos and add files.

Access all your files through OneDrive and SharePoint. Securely store and share files from anywhere. Whilst OneDrive gives you access to your personal files, SharePoint allows you to share and manage company content, as well as company knowledge.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Office 365’s capabilities and how you can streamline you workflow, speak to one of our Office 365 experts today.

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Margarita Ausheva
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Published On: September 24th, 2018 Categories: Strategy & Change, Teamwork & Employee Experience

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