Securing Remote Workers

As working from home seems like the new norm, maybe its time to reflect on the autonomy and freedom it now gives to the remote worker.  

Our working lives have changed, just for now, from a culture of packed commuter trains and social interaction at work, to that of home based desk activity, with some living on conference calls to maintain the business status quo. Behind the scenes IT teams and service providers are working flat out to ensure business as usual is delivered to staff right across the organisation from front line workers to senior execs.  

As we work at our home office, with access to SharePoint, CRM, and an array of desktop applications, spare a thought for the complexity behind the scenes which is making this all possible. From the cloud, access and authorisation to company information is provided seamlesslyaccurately, and most importantly safely to the end user. Continue reading about our Managed Microsoft Cloud Offerings. The home worker now relies on numerous devices including laptops, tablets, mobile phones and  desktops. How we lockdown these devices for work use is the considerable task of the IT department or the outsourced provider to manage.  

Security systems are constantly scanning to ensure the user is “who they say they are”, along-with software processes to ensure users only have access to resources they have permission to use. The threat of a computer virus is never far away, with a constant risk to the business, so a balance between user training, technology and procedure is winning the fight and keeping the hackers at bay, at least for now. Fast and reliable internet connectivity at a time when the infrastructure is being worked as hard as it ever has(due to the number of people working remotely), becomes commonplace for the new style of desk warrior. 

If you’re a business owner, IT Manager, or Executive who worries about how we keep all the plates spinning whilst your workforce works remotely, you will be pleased to know there is help out there. At Intelogy we have seen a considerable upturn in demand for the delivery of collaborative IT systems from Microsoft Teams to SharePoint and Yammer, and in turn taking a zero-trust methodology to protect and control business data using tools like mobile device management, conditional access and data loss prevention. 

These tools, once used for bringing global businesses together and reducing cross Atlantic air fares, are now being used as “collaborative glue for the domestic user wishing to share thoughts and ideas with others. The lockdown has been unwelcome, untimely and challenging, however using Modern IT has at least given us some resemblance of collaboration. Our Microsoft 365 and Azure platform solutions support mobile workforces, foster a new work culture and provide the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere, on any device. These solutions allowed us to continue our business as usual. Take a look at our Modern IT services to start empowering your digital transformation.

If you’re looking to manage and secure user devices, whilst at the same time remaining productive, give the experts at Intelogy a call.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right strategic decisions and define a roadmap that meets your needs. 

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Matt Daws
Business Development Consultant with over 20 years experience in technology, with a passion and desire for customer success. Over this period I have worked with many hundreds of customers in delivering business benefit underpinned by Microsoft technologies and expert consulting services.
Published On: July 3rd, 2020 Categories: Modern IT

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