SharePoint Premium Promotional Offer – Free Capacity

There is currently a promotional offer for SharePoint Premium that provides some free monthly capacity for select SharePoint Premium services. This is a great opportunity to try SharePoint Premium to see how it can be used to benefit your organisation. We can guide you on this journey with our SharePoint Premium – Content AI Accelerator.

Microsoft announced that the SharePoint Premium Promotional Offer will be running until 30 June 2024.

SharePoint Premium brings AI, automation, and added security to your content experiences, processing, and governance. With beginnings in classification of files and extraction of metadata using AI, to producing documents from automated templates, there is now so much more to SharePoint Premium with Image Tagging, Taxonomy Tagging, OCR, Translation & eSignature.

The SharePoint Premium Promotional Offer

CapabilityIncluded in the offer (free)Usual Cost (USD $)
Unstructured Document Processing100 pages per month$0.05 per page
Structured Document Processing100 pages per month$0.05 per page
Prebuilt Document Processing100 pages per month$0.05 per page
Content Assembly50 documents per month$0.15 per document
Taxonomy Tagging50 documents per month$0.05 per document
Image Tagging2500 images per month$0.001 per image
Optical Character Recognition2500 pages per month$0.001 per page
Translation1 million characters per month$15.00/1M characters
eSignature5 per customer per month$2.00 per transaction

Source: Pay-as-you-go services and pricing for Microsoft Syntex (Microsoft Site)

All of the capabilities mentioned in the table above are provided as free capacity. All you need to do in your tenant is setup your tenant for Syntex pay-as-you-go (PAYG) which requires an Azure subscription.

Quote from Leon Armston MVP

“This is a fantastic opportunity to get started with putting your content to work with Content AI & SharePoint Premium. With included free capacity you can use this to try out SharePoint Premium with your content. See the benefits i.e. document classification/extraction of metadata, document creation, taxonomy/image tagging, OCR, Translation, eSignature etc.

We can assist with knowledge and experience of SharePoint Premium to introduce you to the features and scenarios it can be used for. You might already have some scenarios in mind where AI can help with your content such as processing contracts/invoices, creating business letters, translating documents etc. As experts in Content AI, we can assist you with these scenarios and help you find more opportunities where you can save time/costs and make your employees more productive.

Why not take advantage of our SharePoint Premium – Content AI Accelerator and let us help you to put your content to work.”

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