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The ongoing measures against coronavirus, such as the need for self-isolation wherever possible, have fundamentally changed the way that many businesses are currently able to operate. The need for a robust and reliable remote working solution is stronger than ever, not only in response to current issues, but also as a core part of any futureproofing effort.

Say hello to Microsoft Teams.

Many businesses already leverage and trust at least one Microsoft product in their day-to-day processes with Microsoft Word, Excel and OneDrive being amongst some of the most popular. Microsoft Teams may not be as familiar to many individuals, and if the product is entirely new to you, we highly recommend checking out our sixty-second summary:  Microsoft Teams Explained in 60 Seconds for all the basic information.

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Now, more than ever, is the time to try Teams. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft have introduced a free 6-month Office 365 E1 Trial, which includes Microsoft Teams. This version offers a strong insight into all of the possibilities that Microsoft Teams could open up for your business, including instant messaging, video and audio calling and conferencing, file storage up to 10GB and native support for other Office programs such as those mentioned previously. In just a single week, usage of Microsoft Teams has jumped to 44 million daily active users, as more and more businesses are able to realise the benefits that Microsoft Teams can bring to their daily work efforts at no cost.

  • Email hosting with 50 GB mailbox and custom email domain address
  • Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • File storage and sharing with 1 TB OneDrive storage
  • Host unlimited Teams HD video conferencing meetings with up to 250 people
  • Host meetings for up to 10,000 people with Microsoft Teams live events
  • Collaborate across departments and locations with Yammer
  • Plan schedules and daily tasks with Microsoft Teams

How can Microsoft Teams support your business?

Remote working has become the new reality for many people. The importance of keeping dispersed teams connected is higher than ever. Here is how Teams can help:

1. Chat away

It is easy to underappreciate how important those quick conversations and chats at work can be for maintaining wellbeing, fostering connections and preventing feelings of isolation. The friendly culture of your workplace is not a necessary sacrifice, thanks to how connected Teams can keep a company. Take fifteen minutes to chat with a colleague over video call, or check-in via instant messaging, as it’s more important than ever to keep a sense of camaraderie and friendship going as social contact becomes more and more limited. To enhance the user experience, Microsoft has included a variety of GIFs, stickers and emojis.

gifs MS Teams

2. Meet up virtually

Although the way that business is conducted has changed, that doesn’t mean it needs to stop altogether, or that prior commitments have vanished. The show must go on! Projects need to be managed, clients may require support and partners depend upon collaboration. Team members can continue seeing each other with the video call feature. Communication will run just as smoothly as in real life. Teams can provide one-to-one calls, but also supports video meetings. Record the meetings for people who can’t attend so they can watch it later and still feel included. Connect anytime with clients and partners to keep everyone up to date.

video meeting on Teams

An entirely separate desk or work area may not be a reality for some users. Microsoft Teams empowers those users with a number of features, such as the ability to blur the background during calls and to check the quality of audio/video before entering a call. Microsoft will roll out some new features over the course of the year, including noise-reduction and a “raise-hand” feature.

video meeting on Teams

3. Show your status

It is very simple to walk over to your colleague’s desk to see for yourself whether the person is busy, on a call or away. It can be a challenge to identify people’s availability while we work remotely.  A small dot underneath your profile picture in Microsoft Teams will make everyone aware of your status. You can set and change the status yourself, but Teams will automatically change it based on your current activity such as being in a virtual meeting. Further, you can set your status as ‘busy’ if you need to get some work done without being disturbed. Some users might prefer to use a status message that becomes visible when hovering over a user. This feature can prevent misunderstandings as colleagues might hesitate to contact someone who is “Presenting”, but they might just be testing a presentation. Additionally, if your colleague is unavailable you can take advantage of the ‘Notify when available’ feature.

Status MS Teams available
Status MS Teams Do not disturb
screenshot busy MS Teams
Status message MS Teams

4. Create teams and channels

Microsoft Teams allows its users to create group chats called Teams, as well as channels within those group chats. Users from the same group can share files within the team and even save them through Microsoft Teams in the cloud. The ‘Meet now’ feature makes it possible to start a video call with everyone in the group chat with a single click. This feature can significantly reduce emails and accelerate internal processes.

Microsoft Teams Screenshot

Depending on the number of people in a group chat, it can get confusing and chaotic to keep up with messages. It can become challenging to locate messages which require a response. In an effort to counter this, Microsoft has included a feature that allows users to tag each other by adding the @ sign in front of the name of the person the message is addressed to. The tagged user will receive a notification of this action. Type @team if you require the attention of the whole team.

at sign MS Teams

5. Integrated with Office 365

Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 suite, which means that other Microsoft services like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and many more are supported by this tool which makes it a comprehensive application for teamwork and collaboration. It is convenient to create or share files with team members to empower co-authoring.

This tool can be personalised and extended with a number of both free and proprietary applications.  Microsoft Teams enables the construction of a virtual workspace, providing a powerful collaboration and communication platform that is highly compatible with Microsoft programs and third-party applications like Zoom and MindMeister.

Contact our team of experts today if you are ready to discuss a project or if you need a hand to setup Microsoft Teams or any other Modern Workplace solution. These tools are now more valuable than ever.

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