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Viva Amplify went generally available on 10 October 2023, so it’s a relatively new product in the Microsoft Viva Suite. Some of our clients have already shown interest in this new tool and its capabilities. We decided to pull together all the questions that were raised over the past couple of months about Viva Amplify.

You can use the Table of Contents below to jump directly to your question. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any other questions about Viva Amplify.

Table of Contents

What is Viva Amplify?

Viva Amplify is a place to centrally manage your communication campaigns. It’s a centralised communication platform that helps organisations connect with their employees through relevant and engaging content. Viva Amplify makes it easier to create, distribute, and measure the impact of messages and news across multiple channels, ensuring that employees receive the information they need in the way they prefer.

This tool is a game-changer for internal communications and employee engagement.

How does Viva Amplify work? – Viva Amplify features

Viva Amplify offers a platform, a space to organise your team to create, collaborate and launch communications for your organisation.

First, you start by creating a campaign and inviting members that you want to work with. Once your campaign is loaded, you will see a couple of different tabs, such as Overview, Campaign brief, Publications, Reporting and Recycle bin. At this stage, this campaign is in draft mode. This means that the campaign isn’t live yet. Lower down, you will find all your publications and resources associated with this campaign.

Simultaneously, a Microsoft Team has been created to offer you a dedicated place to collaborate on your campaign and a corresponding SharePoint page where all your resources are stored.

You can add the message you would like to share, customise this for the 3 distribution channels (Outlook, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams), preview the content, send it out for approval and publish! You can find more information about the distribution channels below. Finally, you can also track engagement metrics for your publications and campaigns.

Here is a summary of the key features of Viva Amplify

  1. Plan, draft, review and publish content, all from one platform.
  2. Collaborate on content and customise it for different distribution channels.
  3. Manage content approvals.
  4. Preview your content across different channels.
  5. Schedule and publish your work.
  6. Track the performance of your publications in real-time.

How to set up a campaign and campaign brief in Viva Amplify?

Step 1: Click on ‘+ Create a Campaign’.

Step 2: Add a Campaign name and a description, select a language and pick a thumbnail colour. This colour is simply there to help you organise your campaigns.

Pick a campiagn name and description in Viva Amplify

Step 3: In the bottom left corner, you can choose the appropriate settings for your campaign.
Step 4: Click ‘Next’.
Step 5: You will get the option to add members to your campaign and assign their roles individually.
Step 6: Click on ‘Create a campaign’.
Step 7: A draft campaign is now created.
Step 8: In the top ribbon, click on ‘Campaign brief’ and fill out your campaign objectives. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with this campaign. For example:

  • Promote [X]
  • Raise awareness about [X]
  • Prepare the organisation for [X]
  • Provide advice on [X]
  • Share tips and tricks to [X]

Step 9: Add the key messages of your campaign.

How to create a Publication in Viva Amplify?

Step 1: Choose a template. At the point of writing, there isn’t a way to create your own templates and save them. For the purpose of this guide, please select ‘Blank’. This creates a SharePoint page where you can add your messaging.

Step 2: Give your publication a title and format this by selecting a preferred layout option.
Step 3: Edit the background image.
Step 4: Add your text and format this as preferred.
Step 5: By clicking on ‘+’ underneath your text block, you can see other elements you may want to add, such as images, links or dividers for example.

Can you co-author in Viva Amplify?

Yes, you can co-author in Viva Amplify, but not simultaneously. Once you choose the members of your campaign, you can also assign their roles. Some of these roles will allow the members to collaborate with you on the campaign. However, it’s important to note that the co-authoring feature in Viva Amplify doesn’t work the same way as it does in most Microsoft 365 applications. Members can’t be co-authoring the publication at the same time! So, what does this mean? If a member is editing the publication, this will be highlighted on the publication and the page will be locked to others.

What are the distribution channels in Viva Amplify and how to use them?

You can see three different distribution channels:

  1. Outlook
  2. SharePoint
  3. Microsoft Teams

(Viva Engage will soon be added as a distribution channel for Viva Amplify publications.)

You can preview or customise your publication for each of these distribution channels. When you choose to customise, you will see how your publication will appear in that specific channel. Note that the changes you make here won’t be reflected in your main draft or other distribution channels unless you are working within the SharePoint customisation window.


Directly within Viva Amplify, you can select the sender for your publication, the recipients and the subject line. You can even send a test email to yourself.


Within the SharePoint customisation window, you can decide on which SharePoint sites you want your message to be published. You can select up to 10 sites. Important note: you need to have access to the SharePoint sites you select.

Microsoft Teams

When you want to customise your publication for Microsoft Teams you will be presented with several options. You can select who you want to post as, and select up to 5 Teams channels for publication. Make sure you are a member of those channels you have selected.

You can also select whether you want this to be published as a ‘Post’ or an ‘Announcement’ and select who can reply to your publication. When you are ready, you can test this message in your campaign team’s General channel.

Can we include an approval flow within Viva Amplify?

Yes, once your content is ready to be published you can choose to publish it right away, to schedule it, or request approval. Make sure you have members that have an ‘Approver’ role assigned to them so you can select them at this stage. The approval request will appear as a message to the Approvers in Microsoft Teams via the Approvals App and in Outlook.

Approvers can decide to approve, reject or reassign this.

You can also decide what you want to do with your content after it has been approved. You have 3 options:

  1. Schedule publication: If approved in time, this item will be published according to your schedule. Otherwise, you’ll be able to publish manually.
  2. Manually publish: After this item is approved, you’ll have an opportunity to perform a final check before publishing it yourself.
  3. Automatically publish: This item will be automatically published across the selected distribution channels as soon as it’s approved.

Is there a way to track metrics for our publications?

Yes, in your overview tab in Viva Amplify you can see all your publications. Once your work is published, you can click on ‘View report’. If your campaign has multiple publications, you can also choose to view your overall campaign statistics in the ‘Reporting’ tab. You can check the number of unique views, shares, etc.

Viva Amplify Metrics

Do we really need Viva Amplify?

If your organisation is looking to improve employee communications, increase brand awareness, and enhance communication efficiency, you should consider Viva Amplify as a potential solution.

Here are some specific examples of how organisations can use Viva Amplify:

  • Highlight organisation-wide accomplishments and celebrate milestones
  • Promote new services or initiatives
  • Share best practices across departments
  • Share company news and announcements

When should I use Viva Amplify VS Viva Engage?

Viva Amplify is a communication platform that can be used to create and distribute communications. It can be used to schedule publications and track engagement metrics. With Viva Amplify you can target specific groups of employees and departments and reach them through various channels.

Viva Engage, on the other hand, is a social collaboration platform that allows everyone to connect, share ideas, and participate in discussions. Viva Engage should be used as one of the multiple distribution channels for the content that you create in Viva Amplify and we will soon see this integration.

Is Viva Amplify free? – Viva Amplify Pricing and licensing

The cheapest way to access Viva Amplify is through the Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities licence at £1.64 per user/month, but you can also purchase the Microsoft Viva Suite licence at £9.90 per user/month. All staff require a Viva Employee Communications and Communications licence for Viva Amplify to be deployed and used across your organisation.

Microsoft Viva Suite Licence UK
Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities Licence UK

Where is Viva Amplify data stored?

Publications are essentially SharePoint pages that you can customize and format before sharing it across multiple channels, therefore this data follows your SharePoint Online data residency policy.

How can I access Viva Amplify?

Viva Amplify is accessible through your App launcher or Microsoft Teams.

Does Viva Amplify integrate with anywhere else in Microsoft 365?

Yes! When you’re in a campaign, you can click to open up a corresponding Microsoft Team, from which you can then collaborate with your colleagues and work with files together. You can also incorporate Microsoft Lists to work on other aspects such as a more detailed communications plan. Everything that Teams offers is available to support your campaigns.

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