Webinar Re-cap: Introduction to Document Management 101

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Document Management 101 webinar yesterday. Also thank you to all of you who provided questions and feedback – we’ll make sure we respond to each of you individually.

In case you missed it, we recorded the session (see video below), which covers some of the core approaches to setting up a successful document storage area within SharePoint or Office 365. We cover some of the basics such as content types, permissions and columns, before exploring a more advanced model that is designed to provision new work spaces that are tailored to support your ways of working.

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Rob Bath
Having defined extensive Microsoft 365 EDRM systems and bespoke enterprise intranets, I specialise in overseeing cutting edge solutions that are tailored to meet customer needs. Providing leading expertise within the Information Management field, I enjoy helping organisations on their journey towards compliance.
Published On: August 15th, 2018 Categories: Knowledge & Information Management

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