AB Agri Opportunity Assessment Toolkit 

Powered by PowerApps and Flow 

AB Agri is a global agri-food business employing over 3,000 people in the UK and overseas, selling into 70 countries with a growing community every day. AB Agri operate across the agriculture supply chain and now reaches 5 million farmers worldwide.

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Assessing opportunities requires certain data to be gathered. As an agri-food business, when it comes to assessments, there’s usually more than one area that needs to be investigated – whether it’s technology, people or feed, each have their individual aspects. Gathering data in a user friendly and cost-effective manner using modern workplace tools was critical to AB Agri.  


The Brief 

AB Agri approached Intelogy with a need for a systems-based proof of concept to present to their senior management. They needed an opportunity assessment toolkit to be created using an agile approach that was able to adapt to evolving requirements. Intelogy selected Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft PowerApps as the technologies best suited to meet the project brief and began a rapid iterative engagement with AB Agri stakeholders. 


Rapid Build 

PowerApps doesn’t require code, which allows power users to work faster with a platform that enables data integration and distribution. Intelogy was able to start building a prototype immediately, so the value of the system could be shown in a very short amount of time. 


Iterative Approach 

Daily presentations and communications resulted in the ability to develop in a truly agile manner, even on this small scale, resulting in a more feature-rich and requirements-focused proof of concept.


The system is a feature-rich, immersive PoC to show the business value to senior staff, to get buy-in with a quick turnaround.  

After only 4 days engagement, the solution puts in place an assessment framework and guides users through the process while also gathering data. Users could find and enter sources of information internally and externally, whilst selecting criteria type and considerations. It allows admins to create new topics for opportunity assessments when necessary. 

AB Agri can now gather more information than ever before.