Air Fuels Demand Forecast and Supply Chain Analysis

Global aviation fuel supplier improves the accuracy, flexibility and performance of accounts data using Microsoft SQL Server in an Intelogy business intelligence solution.


To significantly improve the marketing and accounts team’s ability to assess $1bn of customer accounts data across their whole business in almost real-time.


Data fields from multiple regional accounting systems were consolidated into a single data warehouse against which data cubes and their dependent reports could be developed.

A management application and Reporting models were built to facilitate the creation of self-service ad hoc reports allowing business users across the organisation to generate reports using Report Builder; Excel etc.

Intelogy used the Microsoft stack of .NET, SQL and BI tools effectively to ensure that reports were generated accurately and efficiently and that end users could extract meaningful management information.

As you can imagine, it did not take long to provide a return on their investment.


  • Clear account analysis combined with complex data consolidation.

  • Daily “grab and go” reports.

  • Multiple file format report exports.

  • Data extract schedules optimised for least impact and highest accuracy.