Ferring GESAS Automating sign off and approval of company contracts

Our client is a global pharmaceutical company specialising in human medicine. The company employs over 5000 staff across multiple continents.


Without an electronic sign-off system, contracts could go missing, suffer delays in becoming approved, and there was little to no visibility of where a particular contract may be in the sign-off and approval process. A workflow system with the correct permissions was needed to gain control of a fundamental business process and vastly speed up the overall sign-off and approval process.


We delivered a system using SharePoint’s native features, combined with Nintex Forms and Workflow. We also used some custom jQuery/HTML to change the rendering of document set display and edit forms into a tabular format. Nintex Workflow was used to create tightly managed sign-off and approval workflows, which also handled item permissions and archiving. Users had the option to use LazyApproval to sign-off and approve contracts by simply replying to emails with a one word ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ response.


  • Full visibility and control over the sign-off and approval of contracts.

  • Users can easily identify any hold ups in the process and react more quickly.

  • Valuable time savings and KPIs met.