Intelogy transforms document collaboration for oil and gas company with SharePoint and OneDrive  

Solution Summary  

The customer discovers, develops, produces, and sells petroleum and natural gas to the power and industrial sectors in Africa. The organisation had an urgent requirement to decommission their file servers and migrate all their documents to SharePoint.  

Intelogy analysed the organisation’s current environment and proposed an appropriate high-level information architecture plan, migration strategy and document management strategy in alignment with their requirements enabling the enhancement of their user experience.  


The primary challenge for the organisation was an imminent, hard deadline as their current file server infrastructure was set to be decommissioned and their office transferred to new premises within less than one month.  

The second challenge was the complex folders structure utilised in the source file share and a large volume of data containing multiple document versions and a large volume of archivable data.  

The combination of the tight timeline and complex legacy environment challenged Intelogy to design and architect a new environment that remained familiar whilst providing an enhanced user experience. Intelogy wanted to ensure smooth user adoption, minimising disruption to business as usual, whilst providing an enhanced experience promoting collaboration and communication.  

Solution Strategy  

The strategy was to build the new information architecture taking advantage of SharePoint hub sites and a mixture of managed metadata and folders to ensure the appropriate balance was struck between flexibility and governance. Intelogy consultants worked alongside client stakeholders to propose a solution that honoured all divisions within the business.  

To adhere to the customer’s time constraint, Intelogy took the pragmatic approach of migrating all the content to an “Archive” SharePoint site, where users could find documents and move them to the relevant live sites when necessary. This promoted data ownership and served to “clean up” the data within the live site.  

Intelogy also created a modern home site in alignment with the organisation’s branding requirements to serve as a portal to key content within the site.  

The technologies used to deliver this migration project included:  

SharePoint – used to create the intranet portal for content distribution providing a secure backend which is globally accessible across multiple devices whilst ensuring that all data is stored securely.  

OneDrive – used to facilitate the customer requirement to work remotely. The OneDrive sync clients, deployed as part of the roll-out of Microsoft 365 services to users, allows the download and synchronisation of files on the local desktop.  


With the successful delivery of migration project in the challenging time frame by Intelogy, the customer has a new collaborative Intranet that provides employees with a more modern experience customised to reflect their business branding. The new information architecture allows the end user to easily and securely share content with external parties. Users are now able to access data from anywhere, at any time, allowing them to store files locally using the OneDrive Sync client when required and see real time updates when collaborating with internal and external co-workers.