Kennedys Law Client collaboration with SharePoint

Kennedys Law ( is an international legal firm specialising in litigation and dispute resolution particularly in the insurance/reinsurance and liability industries. They operate in ten countries around the world and are headquartered in the City.


Kennedys Law, like many professional organisations, has a significant volume of client documentation and electronic material that they wanted to be able to share securely online with their clients.

Their existing extranet facility was cumbersome to use, required days of developer time to deploy for each new client and ultimately did not meet current business requirements.

Kennedys Law expressed a desire to develop an extranet style solution using Microsoft SharePoint technology. Intelogy recognised that each client extranet needed to be highly secure, provide accurate information and allow for the collaboration features that a portal based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can provide. Good governance and auditability of content was required and security of data crucial. In addition, the solution needed to integrate with other existing internal sources and systems.


The solution delivered by Intelogy provides Kennedys Law with the ability to quickly and efficiently create, configure and secure extranet sites on a per client basis.

Specifically, Intelogy developed custom functionality allowing Kennedys to:

  • Provision new SharePoint extranet sites

  • Configure and brand the client extranet site

  • Self-manage end user registration

Additionally, the solution provides document collaboration platform for sharing information between parties as well as the means to visualise data & reports from internal Line-of-Business (LoB) databases & systems.

The solution successfully met rigorous security and vulnerability testing requirements providing appropriate assurances around security of data.

In summary, the extranet solution provides a valuable addition to Kennedys Law’s client service offering. It has reduced the administrative burden on Kennedy’s IT staff to provision and manage extranet sites and through the document collaboration platform is designed to reduce e-mail traffic and duplication of information.


  • The ability to provision new SharePoint extranet sites on a secure platform to facilitate document collaboration between organisations.

  • The client was able to configure and brand the client extranet site, as well as self-manage end user registration, thereby reducing administration.

  • The visualisation of data and reports from internal Line-of-Business databases.