Knowledge & Information Management Recommendations Report for the National Trust

The National Trust

Solution Summary

With over 500 historic houses and 11,000 staff, the National Trust is one of the largest heritage conservation charities, landowners, and membership organisations in the UK. Staff and volunteers make extensive use of Microsoft 365 on a daily basis, having already migrated 36 million files into the platform.

The Trust wanted to improve the way that knowledge and information are managed in Microsoft 365, so they sought expert guidance to identify potential improvements and steer future strategy. As one of the UK’s foremost specialists in information governance in Microsoft 365, Intelogy were approached to identify potential improvements and guide the Trust towards better information management in the platform.

Intelogy’s dedicated Knowledge & Information Management practice provided the National Trust with an assessment of their current state and future aspirations, which comprised:

  • A health check on the existing SharePoint architecture, with a focus on its suitability to meet future information and records management requirements.
  • An identification of issues limiting current Microsoft 365 information storage and collaboration practices.
  • The creation of a detailed recommendations report, identifying specific areas for future improvement to drive key decisions around the usage and architecture of the platform.

“Our experience of Intelogy was excellent. The team were great to work with, the project was very well planned and monitored and the workshop sessions were very focused and well-run. The report we received was very well structured and clear about options and steps.”

– Sophie Houlton, Archives and Records Adviser, National Trust


Having moved into Microsoft 365 fairly rapidly to enable collaboration during the pandemic, with more than 1,000 stand-alone Sites and in excess of 4,000 Teams, the National Trust already makes significant use of the platform. Staff reported difficulties with easily finding content, both when browsing and searching, something that likely stems from the limited use of metadata across the organisation.

Four specific areas were identified that required improvement:

  • Enhancing the SharePoint search experience
  • Using metadata application to classify files
  • Retention tooling and application
  • Overarching SharePoint architecture

Solution Overview


Our consultants oversaw a discovery exercise that assessed the current configuration and health of the National Trust’s tenant. The first part of this process focused on the identification of the requirements through a Current State workshop, which captured a high-level understanding of the Trust’s requirements. Stakeholders discussed ways of working, strategic objectives, and the existing technical landscape within the Trust. Most importantly challenges with the existing storage and collaboration architecture were identified, providing a clear understanding of areas of potential improvement.

During the initial sessions, key themes that required more detailed evaluation were identified. These themes formed the basis for a series of Deep-Dive Discovery workshops, during which targeted discussions were undertaken with specific stakeholders to understand their current challenges and needs in more detail. This resulted in an improved understanding of existing practices, allowing us to provide a more detailed appraisal of the existing usage, configuration, and pain points.

Governance Health Check

Our team conducted a Governance Health Check of the National Trust’s tenant, which provided a technical assessment of usage and configuration. This enabled our team to provide a report detailing the current configuration and recommended changes.

Knowledge & Information Management Recommendations report and demonstration of any appropriate toolset

The engagement resulted in the creation of a detailed recommendations report, which combined findings collated across all of the workshops and during the health check. Containing a series of detailed recommendations to inform future direction, our report provided the Trust with a strategic roadmap to improve the way that they currently use and manage information in Microsoft 365. Each of our recommendations were rated with a priority level and also an anticipated risk of doing nothing.

Client benefits – Results

The National Trust is now in a better position to make informed decisions with confidence on how to steer the organisation to an improved use of the Microsoft 365 platform.

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