Microsoft Teams environment report for London & Partners

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London & Partners is a business growth and destination agency in London. During 2021, Intelogy engaged with this agency for a SharePoint restructure and modernisation programme. In 2022 our collaboration has continued as London & Partners was interested in Intelogy’s latest offering: a full Microsoft Teams Environment Report and recommendations exercise.

Our team of consultants carried out investigative exercises on their Microsoft 365 tenant to understand the current health status of the SharePoint sites and Microsoft Teams usage across the organisation. The results of this investigation, a Microsoft Teams Health Check and subsequent strategic recommendations, were presented to London & Partners to drive a new approach to the management of their Microsoft Teams environment with increased visibility and governance, as well as a more efficient management model.

Microsoft Teams Environment Report - Microsoft Teams Health Check
Microsoft Teams Environment Report - Microsoft Teams Health Check


London & Partners enabled Microsoft Teams during the pandemic in 2020 to support working from home. This was a critical decision to ensure business could continue and people stayed connected with each other. At the time, no long-term Microsoft Teams governance plan was put into place, and as adoption of this collaboration platform started to augment, so did teams sprawl.

There are various challenges that await all organisations when it comes to managing their Microsoft Teams environment and the data within it. For over a year, information has been shared and stored within the application at London & Partners. It wasn’t clear how many inactive teams were clogging up the environment, where information was stored, etc. More importantly, it was necessary to stay on top of the security of their information within Microsoft Teams and make sure that sensitive content was not revealed to people outside of the agency. The first step to tackle these challenges was Microsoft Teams Health check: a deep dive into the current state of their environment.

Solution Overview

The first step of this project was to assess the current state of the Microsoft Teams environment. We installed a tool called Orchestry on the tenant and let it run in the environment as a general scan for a couple of days. Once this was complete our consultants used the tool to analyse the data in the dashboards to identify critical areas and build a report with actionable workspace insights. All the data was shared with London & Partners in a clear Microsoft Teams Environment Report and accompanying presentation where we reported on the different aspects of a Microsoft Teams environment. We were able to immediately present our recommendations and strategies to regain control of the critical areas.


The results from the Microsoft Teams Health Check were presented to London & Partners. The agency has now a clear overview of their Microsoft Teams estate and SharePoint sites and the status of it. The IT department was presented with actionable best-practice recommendations that they can take forward. Further to this, subsequent conversations were arranged to discuss particulars associated with the on-going governance for Microsoft Teams, including archiving practices and provisioning management using pre-defined templates.

If you would like to request a Microsoft Teams Health Check and take your first steps towards Microsoft Teams Governance, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can help you declutter your environment and assist you with different Teams Governance approaches.