MNOPF Employer Information Exchange Multiple site creation under one secure portal

Ensign Pensions delivers scheme secretarial and executive services for pension scheme trustees and their members. In addition to core trustee secretarial functions, their team supports clients with strategic planning and scheme management, as well as managing negotiations with employers around scheme matters.


As part of the Ensign web strategy there was a requirement to implement an Employer Information Exchange site to support the secure exchange and access of Employer specific documents between the Employer Teams and key Employers personnel. There were a large number of Employer sites required so the creation and management of these sites needed to be very efficient.

Individual employer sites needed to be isolated from each other in both design and security, but Ensign need to be able to publish news, events and videos to all users from a common top level site.

It was essential that user information and profiles from each Employer were not visible to other Employers.


EIE had site collections created in its own web application, to allow for the configuration of external user authentication. Manged paths were configured to allow the system to be used for multiple funds in the future.

A single Managed Metadata Service and content type hub was used to share content types via syndication.

Due to security requirements, the EIE home, and Group/standalone employer sites had to sit in separate site collections. This ensured that when using people pickers/viewing profiles in each site, users from one site did not have visibility of users under another group.

Custom master pages, associated page layouts and content search web parts were developed to provide an on-brand engaging interface for users that allowed them to easily access both shared communications and private documentation.


  • A secure, Ensign branded extranet portal providing individually customised sites for effectively and securely exchanging information with Employers.

  • Central communication could be broadcast to all Employers from one location.

  • Sites that are easily created with pre-configured security groups to avoid governance overhead, and easily upgradeable through PowerShell deployment packages.

  • Multi-site design allows for work to be done independently and for stricter permission levels to be implemented.

  • Agile development approach resulted in a more successful user adoption with features added and value gained incrementally.