Ensign Pensions MNOPF Public Website

The Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund (“MNOPF”) has provided benefits designed to meet the needs of ship’s officers within UK pensions law and practice for over 75 years.


With an ever-changing landscape of information and regulation, Ensign approached us to provide a new user experience on an easy-to-manage platform, providing full accessibility-compliance to ensure all users can access the content across all devices.


We recommended DNN due to its customisability and easy-to-manage on-page interface and built it by utilising standard frameworks to ensure future compatibility during platform updates.

We worked closely with MNOPF to design a fresh new face for the site and helped hone the message to the users by choosing an appropriate colour-palette and supporting images.

We utilised quite a bit of out-of-box functionality, while ensuring to meet the needs of the aging population who utilise this site.


  • An new engaging website that is easy to manage.

  • Responsive across all devices.

  • Accessibility compliant for the target audience or alternate ways of accessing the content can do so.