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Solution Summary

Peters & Peters, a leading UK Law Firm with expertise in Business Crime, Commercial Litigation, Civil Fraud, Corporate Compliance and Asset Tracing & Recovery, turned to UK Gold Partner, Intelogy, to drive modern communication and collaboration across their organization. Wanting to further their digital transformation journey, the decision was taken to migrate their existing intranet and collaboration features to Office 365.

While the initial brief was to plan for a like-for-like migration, after art-of-the-possible demonstrations by Intelogy to the project stakeholders and executives, it was agreed that this approach would not take full advantage of the modern workplace features that Office 365 offers. Therefore, drawing on expertise in delivering modern workplace projects, Intelogy devised a content migration overhaul strategy that would best optimize their use of Office 365 and fully adopt the modern features that the platform offers.


The initial challenge for Intelogy was to design and architect an intranet that felt updated and renewed from the legacy environment yet retained familiarity with the legacy design to ensure that user adoption would be smooth and require little-to-no training. Therefore, the new environment was required to not deviate too far from what made the previous intranet successful but to still allow a digital transformation to improve collaboration across the company.

An agile delivery approach was taken, with Intelogy leading the way in the partnership, working with Peters & Peters to demonstrate all the new features and capabilities of Office 365 before deciding how they could be utilized in the new solution. This was coupled with a need to obtain extensive understanding of the legacy environment to ensure that all existing functionality was captured such that it could be recreated in the modern workplace.

Solution Strategy

Having established a solid understanding of Peters & Peters legacy intranet configuration and usage, Intelogy was able to draw out a migration plan for the bulk of the content. The product owner at Peters & Peters then liaised with the business to decide, by department, what parts of the legacy intranet would or would not be migrated across. Intelogy would then create a SharePoint Online intranet, taking full advantage of native features such as news, navigation, modern page authoring and document libraries to increase collaboration and communication across the business.

The decision was made to split the environment into departmental Business Services sites and other sites designed to store company-wide information. It was critical that the solution provided a modern workplace that fully leveraged Office 365 and SharePoint, and Peters & Peters recognized that they needed a compliant solution that enabled productivity gains, improved collaboration and promoted digital working.

The technologies used to create this modern workplace included:

  1. SharePoint – used to create the intranet portal for all Peters & Peters content. Hub sites were created to architect the navigation of the environment, with an emphasis on one-click access to each location where important content was stored.
  2. OneDrive – provided as part of the Office 365 roll-out with users advised to store all personal and draft documentation here, with final copies or working documentation intended for collaboration to be stored in its respective place in SharePoint document libraries.
  3. Yammer – used for informal communication relevant to each of their committees. The organization could then self-serve the creation of new groups to further drive informal collaboration.
Office 365


Peters & Peters found that the solution far exceeded their expectations and provided them with a fantastic capability to allow staff to work together in many new different and exciting ways; transforming their legacy environment into a multi-purpose, multi-functional modern workplace. The new modern, mobile intranet is fully integrated into each individual working practice and provides all staff with a portal that they can use to fully utilize the entire Office 365 platform.

Customer Quote

“Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint provides Peters & Peters with the modern digital workplace that we need to support teamwork and knowledge sharing throughout our organisation.”

– Brian McDonald, Head of IT, Peters and Peters