COLIN addresses one of the key problems press offices deal with:
an overwhelming influx of questions and potential disjoints in communication.

Conceived and developed in the demanding Press Office environments of major UK Government Departments, COLIN is a proven Press Office tool designed to support and empower large media teams under extreme pressure. COLIN will enable you to communicate and control your corporate message or “lines to take” across the whole media team, ensuring a consistent and appropriate message in planned media campaigns or rapid reaction scenarios.

At its core, COLIN allows press officers to quickly capture and review media enquiries, as well as manage your content in an easy to use dashboard. COLIN is designed to maximise collaboration and streamline the Press Office – the whole team can access COLIN to distribute consistent and appropriate media or brand messages, reduce the risk of “off-message” comments, and allow wider stakeholder visibility of your news agenda or corporate message.  COLIN’s news forecasting features can help the media team to plan ahead and be prepared for press interest or potential news opportunities. Secure and flexible cloud access to COLIN will boost your media team’s collaboration regardless of where they are located.

HM Government

COLIN was born out of the need to prevent miscommunication and track statements given to the Press during crises and not only address but solve one simple problem:

Provide and track the media with one consistent, well-crafted message during any crisis or event.

It has since evolved into a powerhouse application across the UK Government, making COLIN an invaluable tool during some of the UK’s largest national crises, emergencies, political and economic events.

COLIN has helped the Ministry of Justive reduce technical debt and cost. COLIN meets user needs, by adaptability to change and allowing remote working across a variety of devices, this has also led to improved reliability, availability and accessibility to the service. In turn this has increased the technical resources that the Press Office can draw on to deliver their business goals.

Product Manager, Ministry of Justice

COLIN has changed the way offices function, making a whole range of processes far more efficient and enabling communications to be issued with greater speed and accuracy. This ultimately keeps the public better informed – a key mission for government. Intelogy has been a responsive, creative and reliable partner throughout COLIN’s journey, constantly improving its capabilities to match customer demands.

Deputy Director of News, Cabinet Office

The Colin system is an essential tool for our press office. Without Colin, we couldn’t monitor calls effectively or be assured that the latest lines were issued to media, and so run an effective press office. The platform is easy to use – and preparing items like forecasts is part of our daily routine and access across a range of devices means teams can access latest info from the office, at home, or on the road with ministers

Daniel Barnes, DEFRA
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Perfect for government or private sector

COLIN is perfect for government or private sector organisations with teams of 5+ people, who need to manage media enquiries.  Whether your team is centralised or dispersed across multiple locations, COLIN unifies your team and simplifies communication between team members.

The application is highly adaptive to your requirements, simple to use and addresses any data sovereignty, security clearance or data compliance concerns.

Clean and concise communication

  • solid and consistent communications messages to media outlets and the public, and
  • full traceability of all incoming and outgoing communications.
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Dashboards to inform strategy

Recording data simply isn’t enough, which is why we built a powerful reporting engine, allowing senior decision makers to easily and make business critical decisions.

Forecasting and trending are important tools for known events to assess potential staffing requirements and prepare communications.

The future

We continuously invest in new features for COLIN to maintain our competitive edge and strive to provide continuous improvements and updates to the application on a regular basis, without disrupting your team’s effectiveness.

Our Evergreen Roadmap ensures your team always has the latest tools available and are rolled out on a schedule that suits your teams’ ways of working.

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What does it cost?

COLIN is licensed on a per-user per-month basis with a small initial setup fee to configure your preferred security, governance and sovereignty requirements.  This includes an initial remote training session, tailored to your organisation. Your monthly licence fees include everything – access to all features within COLIN, security features, UK-based support desk, and free upgrades when new features are released.

60-day free trial

You may not be busy now, but when the pressure is on, you need a system that can keep up.  Schedule a demo today and we’ll set you up with a generous 60-day trial for your team to road-test all the features within COLIN.

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Schedule a demo today

Free demo and 60-day free trial

We love COLIN and know you’ll love it too.  Please complete the form and one of our COLIN specialists will be in touch to show you the benefits of this solution.

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Our clients deal with data of a sensitive nature, especially when it relates to forecasting.  Your data security is as important to us as it is to you.  We ensure your data stays safe in your own, unique environment.  Not even our support analysts have access to your sensitive data, ensuring your data stays classified.

We continuously monitor all environments, apply security patches as soon as they are available, perform regular third-party security checks and scan every uploaded document for potential threats. Additional features like multifactor authentication are available to further protect your environment.


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