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Copilot Readiness Assessment2024-06-07T16:44:51+01:00

Is your organisation ready for Copilot? Find out now with our Copilot Readiness Assessment.

What is the Intelogy Copilot Readiness Assessment?

Our Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment is an analysis that is designed to help organisations evaluate their preparedness for deploying and successfully adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot.

This Assessment involves examining your existing Microsoft 365 environment, including information governance, security configurations, and access controls, to ensure compatibility with Copilot’s requirements. Since Copilot’s effectiveness relies heavily on the data it’s trained on, we will thoroughly evaluate the quality of your existing data and data infrastructure to identify any potential gaps or potential data privacy or security concerns. During the Copilot Readiness Assessment we can define clear goals for Copilot within your organisation and ensure it drives tangible benefits for all users.

A Microsoft Copilot Assessment is a smart investment for any organisation considering adopting this powerful tool. By taking the time to assess your environment you can increase your chances for a successful implementation with a potential to make the most out of your Copilot investment.

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Our Copilot Readiness Assessment is part of our Copilot Navigator Offering:

The benefits of completing a Copilot Readiness Assessment

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Do we need a Copilot Readiness Assessment?

AI is an ever-changing landscape and falling behind isn’t an option. If your organisation uses Microsoft 365 technology, Copilot should be your AI assistant of choice. This technology is set to completely change how organisations work, making them more productive than ever before. Organisations across the world are rushing to start using this new technology but good preparation is critical to its success. As with any tool, Copilot is not something you can simply “switch on” and let loose.

It requires planning and consideration, as well as preparation. Our Copilot Readiness Assessment will evaluate if your organisation has all the pre-requisites in place to deploy Copilot and share recommendations for security and compliance. This Assessment provides you with the strategic approach necessary to ensure that all the Copilot capabilities are deployed in a manner that is structured, managed and adopted successfully by staff.

Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment - illustration
Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment - illustration

What are the risks of deploying Copilot without completing the Assessment?

Copilot can access and leverage all the content users have access to. Before deploying Microsoft Copilot, you need to make sure that your sensitive data is protected to avoid potentially exposing sensitive information that isn’t properly secured with appropriate user permissions and sensitivity labels.

Responses generated by Copilot may include sensitive corporate data i.e. salaries, restructures, redundancies, etc. During the assessment, we can highlight potential risks so you can restrict access to sensitive information and prevent data leaks. Along with planning training and guidance on using Copilot as there is a risk that staff may not fully utilise its potential.

Choose Intelogy to deliver your Copilot Readiness Assessment

Our Microsoft 365 Copilot Consultants can help you unlock the full potential of Copilot so you can maximise productivity, streamline workflows, and unlock new levels of innovation.

We can help you gather data about your existing content and share recommendations on how to leverage AI, get started with Microsoft Copilot and how to become an AI-driven organisation.

Intelogy has been recognised by Microsoft as a Charter member of the Content AI Partner Program for providing industry-leading services in Content AI and SharePoint Premium.

Content AI Partner Program - SharePoint Premium, Copilot

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