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Managed Services and Solutions for the Digital Workplace

We design, develop, implement and support Digital Workplace solutions for Collaboration & Communication, Business Process Automation, Information Management & Compliance and Bespoke Enterprise Applications. We provide Platform Solutions both in the cloud and on-premise. Our solutions and services are delivered as individual projects or through our Managed Services team.

Advanced collaboration and communication solutions in the Modern Workplace, featuring Office 365 portals, SharePoint Intranets, Exchange Online, Yammer and Teams.

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Transform your business process management using the latest workflow automation, electronic forms, process analytics and interactive data visualisation tools.

Advanced Document and Records Management solutions (EDRMS) to help people find, store and share content in consistent and governed way.

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Our platform solutions support mobile workforces, foster a new work culture and provide the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere, on any device.

Whether it is mobile apps, business critical data management, or enterprise systems integration, we will design, develop and support solutions that your teams and customers will love.

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Ensure successful usage of your Digital Workplace with a range of support services from a completely managed service to 3rd line supplementary IT support.

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