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Content Ai driven by Microsoft Syntex2023-12-18T12:58:29+00:00

Enhance content management through AI

Managing documents shouldn’t be limited to their storage – Microsoft 365 allows us to integrate powerful processes that support content throughout its lifecycle.

Amongst the foremost experts in Content AI within Microsoft 365, our team can help you to realise advanced document management processes based on SharePoint Premium.

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Syntex case study - NWG reservoir


Microsoft Syntex drives Knowledge Creation for NWG

Syntex AI models were designed to identify and extract values from content. With the files now being identified and tagged, everything is easily accessible for employees through customised search experiences.

Microsoft Content AI Partner Program member

Intelogy is an official charter member of the Microsoft Content AI Partner Program formerly known as the Content Services Partner Program, CSPP.

We are the UK’s leading provider of secure and compliant digital workplaces in Microsoft 365 and we pride ourselves on supporting the everyday ways of working of our clients through elegant solutions in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Content AI Partner Program - SharePoint Premium, Copilot

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