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Improve the way you manage information or improve regulatory compliance with Microsoft Purview

We are leading Microsoft Purview Consultants and we offer comprehensive Microsoft Purview Configuration services, from eDiscovery and Information Protection to Data Subject Requests and Data Loss Prevention.

Microsoft Purview is designed to assist organisations in facilitating improved data governance by enabling data discovery, traceability, and searchability. This aids in the creation of more efficient business operations by allowing employees to search for and discover organisational data, helping to streamline data operations and prevent duplicate or redundant projects across multiple teams. Our Microsoft Purview Consultancy Services are designed to help you with all your Purview requirements.

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Microsoft Purview Consultancy Services

At the forefront of Microsoft 365 Compliance, Intelogy is amongst the global leaders in Retention, Sensitivity and Viva Topics. Our dedicated information management experts have overseen some of the most complex Microsoft 365 electronic documents and records management projects in the UK.

Our Microsoft Purview Consultancy Services can help you configure Microsoft Purview to jumpstart your data governance journey by securing your most important Data. We can help you establish the foundation for best-practice information governance and help you manage and govern your data.


Microsoft Purview FAQs

What is Microsoft Purview?2023-06-06T10:43:18+01:00

Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive portfolio of products spanning data governance, information protection, risk management, and compliance solutions.

What are Microsoft Purview Consultancy Services?2023-06-06T10:48:29+01:00

Microsoft Purview Consultancy Services will help you improve the way you manage information or improve regulatory compliance. Specifically, we’ve helped multiple organisations significantly improve their information protection through intelligent application of Sensitivity Labels and Data Loss Prevention policies.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Purview Consultancy Services?2023-06-06T10:55:23+01:00

The primary benefits of Microsoft Purview Consultancy Services include:

  • You can rely on our experience
  • We can help you during legal proceedings or investigations
  • Fast implementation of Microsoft Purview solutions 
  • We can guide you to the most appropriate records management architecture

Talk to our Microsoft Purview Consultants

Our Microsoft Purview Consultants are trained to communicate with technical and non-technical staff. Fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch to gather your requirements.

Client Success Story

Ulster University gets started with Microsoft Purview

With thousands of physical records, the University had a clear need for a new digital records management solution based in Microsoft 365. Our Microsoft Purview Consulting Team worked closely with Ulster University to assess its requirements and translate the existing file plan and retention schedule into an architecture of SharePoint sites complete with retention labels. This structure was then rapidly implemented by Intelogy, providing the University with a hub for storage of all its future records.

“Effective Digital Records management and the protection of information and data is critical to University operations and a key enabler of our Digitisation programme. Our investment within the Microsoft 365 Compliance Centre, and partnership with Microsoft and Intelogy, is successfully enabling our Digital Strategy in the delivery of robust, scalable, resilient, and performant applications to deliver information at the right time, in the right setting, on the right device, in context and in a secure way”.

– Mark Taglietti, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Ulster University

“It was a pleasure to work with Intelogy on delivering an innovative solution to digital records management. The Intelogy team were able to translate our requirements into a user-friendly end-product that automatically assigns retention and disposal policies. We look forward to continuing to work with Intelogy in the future.

– Fiona Lamont, Digital Records Manager, Ulster University

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