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Continuous Improvement Managed Service2024-03-20T16:14:55+00:00

Keep getting value from Microsoft 365 with regular advice on best practices and agile development of enhancements.

Continuous Improvement Managed Service

Our premium service provides our combination of evergreen strategy, support and enhancement services through a monthly allowance to bring you our best-in-breed offering. This service brings together a number of elements from our other Service offerings – our incident and problem management with SLA, routine task-based work and small change requests as well as the option for monitoring services – including preventative maintenance. In addition to these features, you will benefit from strategic advice from our consultants and their knowledge and expertise of business transformation through a regular programme of meetings.

We will meet with you monthly, to review opportunities to support your adoption and growth in Microsoft 365 usage. Not only will we help you build and manage a digital transformation strategy, but we are also on hand to support its development and implementation. The incremental development and enhancement of your systems delivered through small-scale “sprint” engagements bring an excellent value proposition. It offers flexibility for those looking to progress their Microsoft 365 journey in incremental steps.

Is Continuous Improvement what we need?

Continuous improvement works very well when combined with our Outsourced IT to provide a holistic Microsoft 365 support and improvement strategy. The triple scope of strategy, support and enhancement development helps make sure that your Microsoft 365 investment is maximised.

It is also available as a stand-alone service for those with an existing service provider.

This is for you if you want to keep getting value from Microsoft 365 with regular advice on best practices and agile development of enhancements to keep your team working effectively.

What’s the difference between a sprint and a project?2024-03-20T16:10:32+00:00

Our sprints are small-scale improvements, often to support productivity for individuals or small groups/teams. The approach works well with pilot schemes and proof of concepts. Sprints do not have formal project management, and are not suitable for time-sensitive works; or those where extensive development is needed.

How do the “sync” meetings work?2024-03-20T16:13:08+00:00

Our “syncs” keep you up to speed with developments in the Microsoft ecosystem; and also allow our team to get to know your business and processes. With this information, we are able to make recommendations.

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