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Outsourced IT Services for Microsoft 3652024-06-04T14:52:39+01:00

Our Outsourced IT services are designed to keep your Microsoft 365 services running effectively and securely.

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses – but also able to scale, our Outsourced IT for Microsoft 365 offers a blend of proactive monitoring and remediation, user support, maintenance and management to keep your Microsoft 365 services running effectively and most importantly, securely.

Structured around the number of users you have, and a monthly bundle of service credits. This gives flexibility to scale according to business needs. The ‘per user’ servicing cost provides guaranteed incident support with SLAs, our monitoring/remediation service and proactive account management.

Separating out task-based work into its own base cost provides increased flexibility. Whether you need help with just one area of Microsoft 365 or full support across all services, the service can scale with your Microsoft 365 journey – and allow you to benefit from our expertise.

This service is for you if you want the peace of mind that your team are supported, and your systems are healthy, secure and properly maintained.

Outsourced IT Support Services for Microsoft 365
  • Long-lasting client relationships
  • Microsoft Certified Experts
  • 99.99% SLA results past 12 months
  • ITIL Certified Staff

  • UK-based team

  • 24/7 access to our helpdesk

  • Specialising in Microsoft 365

  • Mix of Engineers and Consultants

  • Highly skilled and experienced team

What makes us one of the UK’s best Outsourced IT Services Providers?


“The full package support from Intelogy has reduced the administrative burden on both CMAL and our infrastructure provider. Our turnaround time for support requests have never been better and we are yet to find an issue or request the team are incapable of supporting or resolving.”

Baldev Lagah, IT Manager – CMAL

Our team follow processes built around the ITIL framework – so you can be assured of compliance and best practice

Benefit from our Outsourced IT for Microsoft 365 Service

Choosing a partner to manage and support your Microsoft 365 environment can release your internal teams to focus on the development of your systems and processes. You will also have access to our specialists, a team comprised of subject matter experts from the different areas of Microsoft 365. This can also provide enhanced scalability as your business grows.

We offer a coordinated Service Desk, which manages contact with your business. You can choose to triage, or allow users to contact us directly. Our team proactively monitor the Microsoft 365 environments we manage and remediate any concerns before they become an issue to you. Routine maintenance activities are included as are change requests (subject to budget) and user support.

Managed IT Services

Formal SLA – Incident Resolution and Response

5 out of 5

Tasks completed within 5 business days

4.5 out of 5

What is Outsourced IT?2024-02-14T11:02:26+00:00

Outsourced IT provides a support service for your IT services by an external provider, under a contract.

How much can I expect to save by outsourcing my IT?2024-02-14T11:03:50+00:00

Our Managed Services staff extend your existing team, without the expense of additional employees. This can allow your business to focus, and also scale.

Why do organisations outsource IT services?2024-02-14T11:05:22+00:00

Outsourcing benefits organisations with limited IT resources, and where access to subject matter experts gives confidence. This can also lower costs – as typically the overall service costs are less than the equivalent employee costs.

Should we outsource IT or keep it inhouse?2024-02-14T11:06:57+00:00

Outsourcing IT can be a way to lower costs, and reduce the burden on internal staff. However, if you want to maintain complete control over your infrastructure and services – it may not be the right fit for you. We view our service as a way to complement your existing team, be a partner rather than just a contractor or supplier.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT?2024-02-14T11:07:37+00:00

Outsourcing IT for Microsoft 365 will often give you access to a larger team, with a variety of specialisms. In our case, we have a dedicated Managed Services Practice, in addition to our subject matter experts for Project services. This gives a broad range of coverage, leaving your business less open to risk.

What are Service Credits?2024-04-23T12:14:42+01:00

Intelogy use the term Service Credits to define the allowance available within our Service Agreements to be used for Service activities. In some of our agreements – different activities are charged at a higher rate, for example where the specialist expertise of a Consultant or Practice Leads is required. Using a single term allows translation of time spent into allowance spent.

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