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Post-project Support Managed Services for Microsoft 3652024-06-05T09:34:30+01:00

Protect your investment and maintain confidence in the lifecycle of your solution with our Post-project Support Service.

Post-project Support Managed Services for Microsoft 365

What’s included in the Post-project Support service?

Our Post-project Support service provides coverage across a wide range of solutions developed in Microsoft 365. Whether it’s a historic custom pro-code/low-code solution developed with Power Apps, a complex workflow and reporting solution delivered via Microsoft Power Automate, or developments in the growing space of AI and content services, a Post-project Support service with Intelogy provides assurance and peace of mind.

This service includes coverage for migrated Microsoft Teams and SharePoint implementations, or Intune device management and security services.

Our Post-project Support Service is right for organisations wanting peace of mind that their Microsoft 365 solution and investment are fully supported.

How does the Post-project Support Service work?

Service owners and other nominated staff can log tickets through a professional ticketing system, that’s being monitored and maintained by our in-house Managed Services Team. Together we will define approval cycles for service requests. Your team will have full access to all the logged tickets in a dedicated client portal.

Through monthly usage reports and analytics you will gain visibility of the support levels for your solutions, and our Service Management and Account Review meetings help maintain levels of engagement. We are your partners, not just a contractor.

Freshdesk - Post-project Support Managed Services for Microsoft 365

Formal SLA – Incident Resolution and Response

5 out of 5


“The full package support from Intelogy has reduced the administrative burden on both CMAL and our infrastructure provider. Our turnaround time for support requests have never been better and we are yet to find an issue or request the team are incapable of supporting or resolving.”

Baldev Lagah, IT Manager – CMAL

Post-Project Support for Bespoke Solutions

With every solution being different, we provide Post-project Support to suit your recently developed solution – flawlessly. The service offers SLA guarantees that our expert Microsoft 365 Service team and consultants are available when you need. Our Post-project Support Managed Service for Microsoft 365 is in full compliance with the ITIL framework.

Our team follows processes built around the ITIL framework – so you can be assured of compliance and best practices:

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