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SharePoint Support Services2023-07-26T17:09:12+01:00

Get SharePoint assistance from our Microsoft certified experts

Our SharePoint Support Services allow us to become an extension to your team, providing you with rapid access to our entire team of experts

One of SharePoint’s great benefits as a platform is that it enables business ownership of the solutions created within it. Those who manage them do not, in most cases, need any web design experience and can manage intranets directly in their browser, without any additional software. However, there is still a considerable amount to learn, not just in the functional and technical aspects, but how best to implement them. Organisations don’t always have the bandwidth for self-learning, or to train additional staff. This is where our SharePoint Support Services can help.

We will partner with you on your journey, bringing our extensive experience and wide range of capabilities to ensure you have a guided, focussed and achievable strategy as you move forward with Microsoft 365. We’re here for you all the way.

What versions of SharePoint do you provide support for?2023-07-26T16:03:43+01:00

Our team provides support services for SharePoint Online. We are also able to deliver migration services from supported on-premises versions of SharePoint as a project engagement. All our SharePoint support services are conducted remotely, and managed via our Service Desk Portal.

How quickly can you resolve SharePoint issues?2023-07-26T16:05:55+01:00

Our SLA is dependent on the Service Agreement chosen. Our Assurance, Managed Service and Support & Continuous Improvement agreements all come with our SLA model – which uses a standard 4-grade priority system. For further details, please see our Managed Support Agreements section. We are proud to have maintained our 100% record for Incident Response and Resolution over the past 8 months.

How experienced is your SharePoint Support team?2023-07-26T17:03:53+01:00

Our Managed Services practice is made up of Microsoft Certified Professionals, led by and with the backing of Experts in Microsoft 365. We are committed to the learning and development of our team, and you can be assured that we will ensure the most appropriate staff are ready to support your needs.

Can you help train up our staff to be self-sufficient with SharePoint?2023-07-26T16:09:11+01:00

Absolutely. We provide training in many forms, including one-to-one sessions, classroom style or ‘on-the-job’ training, while we support your staff in building and tailoring their sites. We can help empower site owners to create amazing experiences, or your end users to get the most out of SharePoint’s many features in their day-to-day working lives.

Time is often a problem for our teams. Are you able to take ownership of building out certain areas in SharePoint on our behalf?2023-07-26T16:12:18+01:00

Our support services allow for us to carry out mini projects for you, and these can include working directly with your staff to understand their needs and build them best practice sites and capabilities, while maintaining any required levels of consistency with other areas that you have in place.

How do we request SharePoint Support?2023-07-26T16:25:38+01:00

You will have a central service desk that can be emailed directly. Your email will be automatically converted into a ticket and assigned to a member of staff to manage. We will then contact you directly and work to resolve your issue or provide other support as needed.

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