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Endpoint Management with Microsoft Intune2024-04-26T16:58:25+01:00

Transform and simplify your endpoint management strategy to keep up with working patterns and cyber threats.


Flexible work arrangements and widespread support for accessing content from anywhere have led to a more dynamic workforce but have also increased the exposure to endpoint security risks. Expectations to keep an organisation productive whilst also secure can be very demanding. 67% of IT admins admit to being overwhelmed by the pressures and risks presented by managing flexible work.


Microsoft Intune is one of the most powerful tools for managing your devices, apps and endpoint security. Whether devices are owned and managed by your organisation or personal devices with access to organisational content, Intune provides the capabilities to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency while enforcing secure and compliant access.

Microsoft 365 Endpoint Management Assessment

Not sure where to start or want to understand more about how Microsoft Intune can strengthen your organisation’s endpoint management cyber security practices?

Why not try our 2-day tailored analysis and recommendations offering that will provide you with a bespoke breakdown and recommended actions for how to improve your endpoint management strategy.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Intune?

  • Ship new devices directly to employees with zero‑touch endpoint provisioning using Windows Autopilot, Apple and Android enrolment.

  • Deploy configuration changes and apps without the need for the device to be on the corporate network.
  • Get complete visibility of your endpoints to stay on top of the health, compliance, and security status.
  • Improve your IT team’s efficiency and productivity and reduce endpoint vulnerability by freeing up time through automated updates.
  • Provide efficient, secure, and user-friendly application management to make your organisation more productive.
  • Protect access to your organisation’s data from both managed and unmanaged mobile devices.

Endpoint Management Security Services with Microsoft Intune

If you’ve got a project in mind or you’re interested in modernising the management and security of your devices, we’d love to hear your plans and discuss how your vision can become a reality.

Our approach to Endpoint Management Security Services

We’ve helped organisations deploy and adopt Microsoft Intune to centralise endpoint management and security, reduce the overhead of app management, and prevent unauthorised access or leakage of company data.

Find out more from our case studies and blog


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