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Protect your Microsoft 365 identities and access to provide a secure environment for productivity and collaboration while enhancing defence against online attacks.


With the rapid uptake of cloud-based solutions, more and more organisations are adopting working styles that allow them to work from anywhere, from any device, while collaborating with anyone. Although this does provide many benefits, it also poses a considerable risk to organisations, making it all the more important to secure your identities and have robust access controls in place.

Microsoft 365 is a great platform for productivity and collaboration, however, the platform encourages productivity and open collaboration, so without thinking about your security needs, you could be left exposed to cyber threats.


Microsoft Entra, formerly known as Azure Active Directory, is an open, robust and scalable identity and access management service that provides a central platform to manage identities and secure resources. It’s at the core of everything across Microsoft 365 and Azure. Microsoft Entra should be the starting point when it comes to strengthening your cloud security posture.

Microsoft 365 Identity Security Maturity Assessment

Not sure where to start or want to understand more about how you can strengthen your organisation’s identity and access management cyber security practices?

Why not try our 2-day tailored analysis and recommendations offering that will provide you with a bespoke breakdown and recommended actions for how to improve your identity and access management strategy.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Entra?

  • Utilise a single identity for Microsoft 365 and other cloud apps, as well as on-premises applications and services.
  • The ability to securely collaborate across the organisation as well as with externals.
  • Defend people in your organisation from becoming compromised through common attacks such as brute force and phishing.
  • Proactively monitor and prevent compromised user accounts being used as an attack vector.
  • Protect access to your organisation’s data from both managed and unmanaged mobile devices.
  • Introduce formal governance that allows you to regularly review access to applications and groups, as well as administrator roles.
  • Enable employees to manage their own identity with a central app portal, self-service password reset and risky sign-in reporting.

Identity & Access Management Services with Microsoft Entra

If you’ve got a project in mind or you’re interested in an end-to-end transformation for your identity and access management strategy, we’d love to hear your plans and discuss how your vision can become a reality.

Our approach for Identity and Access Management Services

We’ve helped organisations deploy and adopt Microsoft Entra to secure their cloud and hybrid environments, accelerate their digital identity transformation, and reduce the complexity and cost of identity and access management.

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