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Our Microsoft 365 Security Experts deliver Microsoft Cloud platforms that enable modern work and promote zero-trust security

Our goal is to provide your organisation with a Microsoft Cloud platform that you can trust and more importantly, protects your valuable assets and data. Your peace of mind is our priority.

We help organisations design and implement Microsoft 365 security solutions using advanced, industry-leading tools like Azure AD and Intune along with the Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Defender suites. These services are built into the products and tools used every day and offer a seamless, unhindered experience to keep productivity flowing, safe in the knowledge that the intelligent platform is protecting your identities, devices and data against cyber threats like phishing attacks, malware and data breaches.

Intelogy as your Microsoft 365 Security Services Provider

Intelogy is one of very few Microsoft Partners with a dedicated Microsoft Security & Cloud Platform Practice. Our Microsoft 365 Security Experts work exclusively with Microsoft security technology to provide a range of security services across Azure AD Identity Management, Microsoft Defender Threat Protection, Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Intune endpoint management and protection.

We can assess your tenancy, capture your requirements and help determine a strategy to ensure you remain protected – building on the investment you’ve already made in the Microsoft Cloud. Whether you know the problem you need to solve or are just looking for a gap analysis review of what you have today, we can help.

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Industry-leading Microsoft 365 Security Services

In today’s world of hybrid working and with data and services available from anywhere, on any device, security and governance are more critical than ever. Every organisation is different, so it’s important to implement a security posture that’s right for you. Our Microsoft 365 security practice can make sure your tenancy is secured to meet your individual requirements.

Our Microsoft 365 Security Services include:

Advanced identity and data security in Microsoft 365


Why is Microsoft 365 security important?

Moving to Microsoft 365 automatically brings security benefits that would otherwise take time and investment when compared to on-premises platforms. However, it’s important to understand the boundaries of responsibility between the vendor and consumer. Whilst Microsoft 365 is a secure, compliant environment, going beyond the default settings is an important step to mitigate risk and ensure you’re protected.

Microsoft Security FAQs

What are the most common hacking techniques?2023-03-31T11:29:59+01:00

With cloud applications like Microsoft 365, malicious actors no longer need to target firewalls, instead phishing attacks to harvest credentials are increasing exponentially and poor education or security implementations can very quickly lead to unwanted access.

What should we do if we’ve been hacked?2023-03-31T11:26:40+01:00

First and foremost, assume a breach mentality. Then you can focus on building a zero-trust architecture.

What are the common causes of data breaches?2023-03-31T11:27:11+01:00

Data breaches are not always malicious. Mistakes like losing a device or adding the wrong recipient to an email are very common, but having the tools in place to prevent or respond quickly will make life easier in the long run. Defining a governance plan for your tenancy that covers access permissions and guest access will ensure people access to the right data, from the right device with the right protection.

How common are data breaches in the UK?2023-03-31T11:27:42+01:00

In the last 12 months, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber attack and the most common threat vector was phishing attempts (83%).

How can I evaluate my Microsoft 365 Security Posture?2023-03-31T15:09:31+01:00

Reviewing the secure score for your tenancy is a good place to start. These can be quick wins, but won’t necessarily meet the needs of your organisation. We run tenancy assessments to help identify gaps with security and governance, providing a set of recommendations that will help improve your security posture across all workloads, identities and devices.

Here is how you can review your secure score: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/security/defender/microsoft-secure-score?view=o365-worldwide

What are Microsoft 365 Security defaults2023-03-31T11:28:33+01:00

Security defaults are a set of baseline configurations that Microsoft provide across Microsoft 365 services to help keep you secure. Whilst this is useful, one-size doesn’t always fit all, so we use them as a starting point, along with guidance from NCSC to build a bespoke baseline for your oganisation.

Book a call with our Security Consultants 

Our Microsoft 365 Security Experts are trained to communicate with technical and non-technical staff. Fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch to gather your requirements.

data storage solution for ORX - Microsoft 365 Security Services

Secure data storage solution for ORX using advanced Microsoft 365 Security features

Intelogy engaged with ORX to provide a secure data storage solution for highly sensitive research projects. With access to the features of Enterprise Mobility and Security, the solution encompassed multiple services across Microsoft 365 including sensitivity labels and a custom auto-labelling utility to protect and control data when it leaves the Microsoft 365 content service.

In collaboration with the client, Intelogy built a “best of breed” secure cloud data storage solution for the Research team at ORX. The combination of sensitivity labels and security features available through Microsoft 365 makes this a seamless, integrated experience that enables the team to receive, process and analyse data, providing additional confidence that the security boundaries in place are keeping sensitive and confidential data safe and secure.

Find out more from our case studies and blog

Find out more from our case studies and blog


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