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Teamwork & Employee Experience2022-03-24T10:10:25+00:00

Provide your staff with the experience and tools needed to achieve more in the modern workplace 

Empower your team with Microsoft 365 to boost collaboration, accelerate decision-making, and improve the employee experience.​

We hear it everywhere: “how we work has changed forever”. It’s true. Since early 2020 the way we work has changed dramatically, as has the technology that supports us. New, exciting innovations are frequently coming our way, so much so that some may feel inundated, and unsure of which direction to take for the best of their staff or their business.

The modern workplace in which we foster and nurture effective teamwork and employee engagement relies on certain factors, including:

What are the benefits of effective collaboration and communication models?

Intelogy can work with you to transform your workplace and get the most from your investment in Microsoft 365

We work closely with you to identify the behavioural shifts that are needed to bring about lasting change, acting as a bridge between the technology, your business and your employees. Our Teamwork & Employee Experience practice delivers advanced collaboration and communication solutions that will empower you to take the best approach to deliver success in your organisation.

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Sharepoint Development Services - SharePoint logo

Intelligent & Mobile Intranets

Central to any modern workplace within the organisation is the provision of up-to-date news and access to corporate data, knowledge and services.

For over a decade, SharePoint has been the cornerstone of corporate intranets and Microsoft continues to invest in SharePoint’s intranet capabilities making it quicker and easier to design and deliver intranets that are engaging, easy-to-use and available on any device.

How we help:

Intelogy has a defined approach to plan, design, implement and support your corporate intranet strategy.

Viva Topics

Empower people with Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is the first employee experience platform built for the digital era. It brings together communications, insights, knowledge and learning into an integrated experience that empowers people and teams to be their best, from anywhere.

Microsoft Viva comprises four separate modules that blend together to make a complete employee experience suite. Each of these exciting new modules provides new capabilities that promise to significantly improve the way information is shared throughout the workplace. Scroll down to explore more.

How we help:

We can help you to enable, configure and adopt the Microsoft Viva suite and to see how these tools will support your remote working environment and improve employee growth and performance.

Stay connected with Microsoft Teams

As the “hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365”, Microsoft Teams transforms the way people get work done.

Teams not only introduces new capabilities but also unifies many Microsoft 365 services and drives a focus around teamwork and collaboration. We can help get you started with Microsoft Teams and have a number of key services that will take you forwards either by progressing one step at a time, with a Teams pilot project or a with comprehensive Teams implementation programme.

How we help:

By engaging with the necessary stakeholders within your organisation, Intelogy can help you plan, deliver and operate the successful rollout and adoption of Teams whilst also ensuring the environment is consistent, governed and protected.

Yammer Logo

Yammer keeps everyone engaged

Making sure everyone within an organisation remains engaged and included in broader conversations, plans and ideas completes the digital workplace picture.

As part of Microsoft 365, Yammer provides the loopback mechanism to allow everyone within the organisation to have a voice and find a place to engage with co-workers, peers and leadership. Driving a strategy around engagement helps to build a culture of open communication, shared interests, idea innovation and feedback, keeping everyone aligned and invested in achieving the goals of the organisation.

How we help:

Intelogy can guide your organisation to this transformation through a framework of planning, communication, adoption and measuring your rollout of Yammer throughout the organisation.

Find out more from our case studies and blog


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