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Intranet Build Services2023-07-21T16:33:15+01:00

Give people identity, a spotlight and a voice with our Intranet Build Services

Your intranet – your stepping stone to a complete modern workplace that staff will love.

An effective, modern intranet can be the backbone to your modern workplace strategy, providing a single source for the resources staff need to do their job, along with providing a clear and easy communications framework. A modern Intranet isn’t about having tools and technology, but rather the experience you create for your employees and how well you enable your people to use the tools available to succeed.

Build an engaging Intranet with SharePoint

We have been a Microsoft Partner for over two decades. As Microsoft 365 evangelists, we will build beautiful Intranets with SharePoint Online. The SharePoint platform has a simple user interface, is intuitive and can easily be tailored to match your cultural identity. SharePoint Online is continually evolving along with Microsoft’s overall roadmap, meaning you always have the latest features and updates.

SharePoint Online is an incredibly versatile platform, which allows for visually stunning, efficient and secure intranets that can grow alongside your organisation.

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Why do we need an Intranet?

  • Staff can feel out of touch with the wider organisation and each other

  • Email isn’t always an effective way of sharing news to different audiences

  • Our common resources are scattered over cumbersome file shares with limited or no version control
  • Our existing intranet is outdated, and is difficult to maintain

  • We have no central place to promote news, announcements and updates
  • We need a single place for staff to go to, providing access to the tools and resources needed to do their job
SharePoint Intranet Mockup - SharePoint Online

What are the benefits of a Modern Intranet?

  • Access an Intranet anywhere from any device

  • Inform people with quick and easy to access content

  • Engage users with a modern interface with two-way comms

  • Target news and internal communications to relevant audiences

  • Integrate an Intranet with other solutions across Microsoft 365

  • Build company culture with events and social comms

  • Create beautiful and engaging sites without web design experience

Choose Intelogy as your partner on your Intranet Build journey

At Intelogy, we have Intranet build specialists who work with customers of varying sizes to deliver powerful, intuitive intranets that bring about significant benefits to staff at all levels. We also work with customers to successfully implement change management strategies to ensure adoption & growth.

With our assistance, your modern intranet can be designed to allow for ongoing organic growth, and remove technical barriers by providing ownership to relevant staff who will be empowered to manage their own areas in line with corporate standards and consistencies.

Intranet development services - building blocks of an intranet

Best practice Intranet Build to empower your people – Intranet Build Process

Below our practice lead explains the 5 core stages that Intelogy uses to help our clients design, build and implement a successful SharePoint Intranet Solution and answered all FAQs about our Intranet Build process.

What is an Intranet?2023-06-28T10:16:30+01:00

An Intranet is an internal website or portal. This website is private and secure and is only accessible to your organisation. Click here to find out more.

What are Intranet Build Services?2023-06-28T16:12:27+01:00

Our Intranet Build Services focus on building an intuitive, user-friendly and engaging intranet portal that meets your specific business requirements. We will deliver a customised design that promote internal networking and collaboration.

Is custom Intranet development better than an off the shelf solution?2023-06-29T10:18:32+01:00

There are often cases, including with this question, where there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong approach. Instead, it’s about what’s right for your organisation. You may have particular needs that an off-the-shelf solution can provide you with quickly, but in many cases a tailored intranet using SharePoint Online makes sense for the following reasons:

  • Licence costs tend to be less expensive when using native SharePoint Online
  • You often have greater flexibility in how you approach the design of your intranet
  • SharePoint Online generally has greater integration with the other platforms across Microsoft 365, enhancing the fluidity of the employee experience
  • The platform is updated frequently by Microsoft, giving you new features often
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Intranet Build- Intranet examples - SharePoint Development - SharePoint Support

Planning an Intranet?

Request our Intranet Build Services

We are a team of highly skilled intranet consultants and developers. Not only can we work with you to build a best-practice intranet, but we can guide its implementation alongside you to ensure successful adoption and ongoing evolution.

Plannig a successful Intranet

Webinar – Planning, building and maintaining a successful Intranet in Microsoft 365

Intelogy, in partnership with Microsoft, hosted this webinar session dedicated to the UK Local & Regional Government and Healthcare Sector.

– Why do we need an Intranet?
– What do other organisations have on their Intranet? (examples)
– Enhancing your Intranet with Microsoft Viva
– Plan, build, implement and adopt your Intranet

Speakers: Alex Franklin & Huma Qadri

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