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Create a robust SharePoint Search experience for your users with our SharePoint Search Consulting Services

Use Search in SharePoint to find files, sites, people and other types of information within your SharePoint environment.

Search is a crucial aspect of any online solution, whether that is an intranet, a document management solution or a shopping website. It must be straightforward and reliable.

For many years, SharePoint has provided an excellent engine that allows flexibility for staff, and the ability for administrators to tailor the experience to better target and push content through promotional and relevant features.

Our SharePoint Consultants work with customers to achieve the right model for their needs, providing intuitive, robust search experiences that consistently delight users.

Search in SharePoint
Search in SharePoint Example

Native SharePoint Search capabilities

SharePoint not only provides the ability to easily search from any site at multiple levels, but allows you to tailor this experience to help direct traffic to key areas, pages or other content.

Our SharePoint Consultants regularly help design solutions in SharePoint Online to allow for seamless, quick and easy search using the SharePoint search bar. We will also work with you to help understand the nature of your content, as well as understanding what people search for to help target content within results.

Search in SharePoint example
Search in SharePoint Example
Search in SharePoint example
SharePoint Online

Solutions Provided with


SharePoint Intranet Mockup - SharePoint Online

Enhance your SharePoint Search experience

Book a call with our SharePoint Consultants to discuss our range of SharePoint Services.

Advanced Search in SharePoint (using PnP Framework)

So often we find that staff need a more advanced experience to enable them to quickly delve through the volume of content that they have published in SharePoint Online. Perhaps they need a search interface that focuses on a particular area, allowing us to find content in the same we would by refining content on a shopping website.

This is where we make use of PnP search web parts. Our SharePoint Consultants regularly provide expert advice to customers in managing their information architecture. This can often be with elements like search in mind, and result in the ability to provide centralised search or targeted search in multiple locations that allow us to enter a term and then filter based on key properties associated with the content result set.

Search in SharePoint

We design and implement bespoke SharePoint Search solutions.

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