Exceptional Electronic Document and Record Management systems (EDRM) within Microsoft 365 / SharePoint

Our team have overseen the architecture of some of the most extensive Electronic Documents and Records Management (EDRM) solutions undertaken by UK Ministerial Departments. Well versed with knowledge and information management best practice, Intelogy know precisely how to extend Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to meet compliance needs.  With experience of using the latest Advanced Data Governance features for clients, we are at the cutting edge of records management within the Microsoft stack.

Wherever possible we follow a no-code/low-code approach to solutions, focusing on ensuring that the outcome aligns with Microsoft’s roadmap. Intelogy are comfortable incorporating third-party toolsets (including TermSet, RecordPoint, Automated Intelligence, and Repstor amongst others) into applications, allowing rich functionality to be realised for reduced investment.


Intelogy makes Microsoft 365’s Advanced Data Governance features excel by removing the need for manual tagging:

  • Staff submit new workspace requests for approval. These workspaces are automatically provisioned from templates that are modelled to reflect the way your organisation works.
  • We help you map your labels to different workspace templates – meaning that each site only shows relevant classification options.
  • Default labels are automatically applied to each library. This ensures that all content is tagged contextually – as such, manual labelling becomes the exception, rather than the rule.


  • From pragmatic information management applications to full MoReq compliance

  • In place, immutable records management within SharePoint Online and O365
  • Automated site collection request, approval and creation processes
  • Legal Holds, Advanced e-Discovery case configuration
  • File plan and retention schedule definition and integration services
  • Centralised and managed taxonomy definition, full information life cycle management
  • Advanced navigation, delivering flexible information architecture and structure
  • Migrate from anywhere, including: file shares, Novell, Meridio or any version of SharePoint
  • ECM reporting services on usage, compliance and auditing
  • Full skills-transfer, collateral production and training services


  • Capable of providing full MoReq2010 compliant solutions
  • Cost effective knowledge management, without expensive third-party toolsets
  • User adoption and engagement, from User Experience (UX) professionals
  • Prevent leakage and secure content via Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Reduced ongoing effort to support and govern your EDRM / CMS
  • Automated contextual labelling: minimise impact on staff without compromising compliance
  • Robust permissions model, with secured external sharing
  • Aligned with Microsoft’s latest features and future roadmap
  • Comply with: General Data Protection Regulation, and Data Protection Act
  • Tailored blend of O365 services: Groups, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint
EDRM Whitepaper

Read our EDRM Best Practices Whitepaper

Features added to Microsoft 365 have significantly brought down the cost of information management, by removing the need for expensive 3rd party toolsets. At the same time, GDPR highlights the increased risk of non-compliance.

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