This webinar is jointly hosted with our new partner Orchestry.

There are several challenges that come along your way when it comes to managing your Microsoft Teams environment and the data within it. Governance is a key player in the overall performance of the platform, therefore making it crucial for organisations to enforce policies in the most efficient way possible.

Take this opportunity to understand how you can make governance and information management within MS Teams easier for your organisation.

What will be covered: 

Narrow down the hurdles that face businesses when it comes to MS Teams governance

Learn about the significance of retention policies and managing information

Discover what organizations need to do to future-proof their business model

Identify Orchestry’s powerful features that enforce governance and retention seamlessly

Your hosts: 

Alex Franklin

Solution Architect, Intelogy

Alex works with Intelogy to adopt modern workplace practices through the implementation of new technologies, strategies, and cultural change. Primarily focusing on the Microsoft 365 suite, he has a successful track record of enabling organizations to embrace modern working and create new, collaborative and engaging environments in which they work together successfully every day.

Orchestry CEO, 6X Microsoft MVP

Six-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP, former Co-Founder of Dynamic Owl Consulting and of BONZAI Intranet, this serial entrepreneur, international speaker, Office 365 thought leader and former professional chef brings the great depth of product, leadership and user experience expertise to Orchestry, working with Fortune 500 companies to deliver maximum efficiency of their Microsoft 365 investments.


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