Improve productivity with our Content Management solutions

From simple Content Management to enterprise-scale Document Management, our team delivers excellent electronic content management solutions. Specialising in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Intelogy implement systems that are designed to improve workplace efficiency. We provide end-to-end services that take you from strategic approach through to user adoption and upskilling.

Our approach is to carefully balance usability with governance, allowing us to deliver tailored applications that work for your organisation. Wherever possible we introduce automated processes, to reduce manual effort and increase consistency.

Understanding your way of working

To provide excellent document management, Intelogy need to understand your organisation, and how your staff need to work.

  • What different types of content do you have?
  • Who has access to different content?
  • How can we make finding content intuitive?
  • Which classification are actually of use?

We focus extensively on helping to increase staff productivity through digital transformation. Our User Experience (UX) specialists identify genuine (rather than assumed) staff need, resulting in clear, intuitive applications that align with the way your team work.

Whether in Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Server, we typically underpin our content management solutions with workspace provisioning engines, allowing us to help you manage the process of requesting, approving and consistently creating new areas for your staff to work in.

Within Microsoft 365, our team helps you to select and rollout a tailored-blend of services that best meets your need, for example, by combining Microsoft Teams for rapid short-term collaboration, with SharePoint Online for governed and compliant working.

Microsoft Preferred Content Services

Microsoft Content Services Charter Partner

Intelogy is a proud charter partner for the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. Microsoft launched this programme to recognise their principal partners in content services, which supports delivering solutions that make the transformation of content management approaches practical and attainable.

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