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Restore a sense of purpose and direction to your day to day work.

Benefit from entirely new insights and experiences.

Intelligent Process Automation is a breath of fresh air to your organisation.

Drive your digital transformation…

Intelligent Process Automation

Paper-based forms, broken processes and, clunky Excel sheets prohibit you from being a modern workplace, and paper audit trails are a nightmare to maintain, usually only one person understands how it all works.

Automate these processes to transform your business into an efficient and productive environment where your people can get back to what’s important… their jobs.

Take back control…

As your business grows it can be hard to keep track of all the individual processes which make up its life-blood. We can give you deep visibility into how your business functions, so you can identify the bottlenecks and elements for improvement.

We can help you get full auditability of processes and show you how information management can be part and parcel of your process automation.

Power productivity & efficiency…

Your people should be able focus on their strengths and be free to innovative and push your business forward.

Let us review your current processes and make recommendations on what you can do differently to power productivity and efficiency.

Relax with rock-solid solutions that ensure all necessary processes and procedures are followed in your organisation. We’ve helped law firms, medical companies, government agencies and companies in the private sector with efficient and proven solutions.

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How it works

We have the expertise to get it right

  • We specialise in quick benefits through rapid prototyping and iteration release. We also immerse ourselves in your culture and processes to fully understand what you need to achieve as an individual and an organisation. This means we can ensure that you rapidly and predictably demonstrate results and quality.

People at the heart of your business

  • We take the complexity out of processes by creating user-friendly applications that work on any device and format.
  • By reviewing your current solutions, we can make recommendations on what you can do differently to make your processes more efficient, productive, and reliable.
  • We meet with your users to identify individual pain points and find ways to simplify time-consuming processes that can be automated.
    Empower your work force with no-code solutions and drag-and-drop development tools for non-coders.


  • We match user requirements with business requirements to ensure industry requirements and business objectives are satisfied.
  • By planning out all processes via diagrams and wireframes, we can review efficiency, possible bottlenecks and return on investment before spending any time on the build.

Agile Build Process

  • By using mostly no-code solutions, we can build and then measure productivity gains quickly.

  • By incorporate device features like camera and mapping and GPS, we extend the features of your application even further.


  • We focus on change management and adoption to ensure a solution’s success.

  • We offer a comprehensive support package which includes proactive solution health check-ups. We meet with your users again to further improve workflows wherever we can.

Experience where it matters

Our clients demand the best, and you should too. Intelogy builds and maintains complex workflows for multinational corporations in the medical, legal, government and private sectors.

Take your first step

You may be asking yourself: “This is all well and good, but how do I get started?” The answer: right here, right now.

We offer multiple bite-sized starter engagements to provide you a no-risk, no obligation consultation to get you started. We’ll help you realise the benefits of what we believe to be the most powerful tools at your disposal to increase your people’s productivity, output, and most of all, happiness.

Give us a call today and let’s get you started!

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