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Managed Services in The Digital Workplace

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We undertake responsibility for design, implementation, operation, support and maintenance of a range of Digital Workplace solutions, technologies and infrastructure to help our clients:

  • Enhance productivity through Digital Transformation

  • Reduce cost of IT delivery and improve service levels to staff

  • Benefit from specialist IT knowledge, experience and skills

  • Deliver continuous improvement by benefitting from up-to-date software

Our managed services are based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice framework to deliver consistency and integrity throughout the Digital Workplace.

Intelogy Tailored Managed Services

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  • Outsourced contract providing Solutions & Services for your Digital Workplace
  • ITIL aligned service delivery model
  • Flexible service structures to manage as much or as little as you want
  • Delivered under flexible, negotiated SLAs

Digital Workplace Solutions

  • All things Office 365
  • All things SharePoint
  • All things Azure
  • Business Applications
  • Cloud Storage Solutions

Digital Workplace Services

  • Strategy
  • Architecture & Design
  • Projects & Transition
  • Development & Configuration
  • System Administration
  • Service Operation

Managed Service Framework

Our ITIL aligned managed services provide a complete framework for strategic planning and design, operational support, change management, and continuous improvement; ensuring a reliable and future-proof Digital Workplace for your teams.

Service Catalogue

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